For Cat Owners

Anyone who has ever had a cat knows there are typical items you buy to deal with shedding fur, dander and the overall safety of your pet. You need to clean up after them and if you have any allergies, you will likely make product choices for your house with that in mind too.

Products for Cat Owners

Originally the intent of MeowBrand was to talk about products for cats. However, products for the people who have cats seems to be a popular topic of discussion. Being a cat owner who actually has some minor allergies to cats, I do take that into consideration when I buying items for my home.

I’m sure there are others with allergies and cats, so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of these products and my experiences.

Cat-Proofing Your House

Similar to how people baby-proof their home, cat owners will kitten-proof, because trust me, a kitten CAN fit in that tiny little space. It is still surprising how they manage to wedge themselves into something, and then get stuck.

Kitten proofing necessary for these three cats

For some of us, myself included, this evolves into cat-proofing the house because even though they are no longer consider a kitten age-wise, they may still act like kittens. Even when they are a few years old. Stuff you think they’d grow out of, they don’t and you need to continue doing the cat parenting thing to basically protect them from themselves.

Cats who do mature will need be curious too so you need to be aware of home surroundings to keep them safe.