Best Cat Supplements for Hairballs

I know a lot of people believe hairballs for cats is a seasonal thing, but it is really a year long occurrence. The spring into summer may be the hairball cycle for your cat. I’ve added a few of the popular hairball products for those of you in need of them at the bottom of this article. All can be easily purchased on line or you can jot them down to look for them at your pet store.

Brush Your Cat to Prevent Hairballs

Another way to help prevent hairballs is by brushing your cat regularly. There are tons of cat brushes to choose from but before you do, check out our recommended cat deshedder, the Furminator.

How to Give a Cat Laxatone

Most cats like being brushed which is more than I can generally say for those liking hairball medicine.

Believe it or not, some cats do like the taste so the first way you should try is to put it on your finger and offer it to your cat. They may sniff it first then decide to just eat it off your hand. If that happens, consider yourself lucky. I do have one cat who actually likes it and I think he seems to think it’s a treat.

I usually have to smear it on their face or on a paw. I tend to go with the mouth area and hold them until they lick most of it off. I have friends who just wipe it on a paw, but my experience has been the cat flicks their paw and the glob of laxatone is flung on furniture, the floor, walls or the rug.

Also if you missed it, I posted an article a few months back about how to reduce hairballs in cats. So be sure to check that article out too if you are dealing with cat hairballs.

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