Fancy Feast Cat Food

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Cats love Purina Fancy Feast. At least any cat I’ve ever known has had a strong liking for the fancy feast cat food. The problem is once you give it to them, it’s hard to get them to eat other stuff. Sort of like once you have Fruity Pebbles, you really don’t want the Cheerios, even if it is one of the flavored varieties.

Enjoying Fancy Feast wet food

Is Fancy Feast Good for Cats

My cats certainly think it is. There was a time when I did all the healthy cat food research and even tried to get my cats to switch. But again, once you’ve started giving them the fancy feast wet cat food, in my experience the healthier wet foods have a hard time being accepted by cats. So I gave up, and they get it along with several other kinds too.

I know there are plenty of fancy feast cat food reviews out there saying how bad it is. If you look at the labels, you can read the ingredients. Some will be better than others and have whole pieces of fish and vegetables, so there are definitely worse kinds of cat food. I’ve found that in moderation with other foods, I’m fine feeding it to my cats.


If you're having trouble getting your cat to eat, try some Fancy Feast. Most cats do like it and will eat it. My vet has even told me to do that in the past since it's better than your cat not eating at all.

Fancy Feast Ingredients

Here is are the ingredients in the Fancy Feast cat food I recently purchased on line for my cats.

Fancy Feast ingredients for Gravy Lovers

In addition to the wet food, my cats also eat hard cat food and will pretty much eat whatever I give them. I mix up a few kinds and toss some of the dental food on top. Dental food tends to be larger pieces and by topping off the bowl with it, my cats think they are treats and eat them up.

Fancy Feast Sale – Where to Get the Deals

Currently the favorite at my house is the Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers. I usually would stock up when it went on sale. Where I live, the lowest it usually goes is 50 cents a can.

Fancy Feast Amazon purchase

Amazon Deals on Cat Food

However, I happen to be looking online recently and found it the fancy feast 24 pack on Amazon for only $11.99. I can’t guarantee this price will stay at that price, but I did order a couple of boxes. I had never thought of checking Amazon, so wanted to share that tip.

Fancy Feast cat food from Amazon

Keep in mind that the prices do change on Amazon so you may not always find the same price. I check back on a regular basis and then buy once there is a good deal. You can click here to see what the prices are now for Fancy Feast cat food.

Target Discount for Pet Supplies

Another place I get Fancy Feast on sale is at Target. I’ve found when it goes on sale that I can get a good deal by combining it with the 5% discount I get with my Target card. Plus if you use the Target card, shipping is free and you can stack this discount on top of other specials the store runs too. You can’t beat that deal.

As a note on the Target REDcard
I was hesitant to apply at first because as I was researching it, I found bad reviews on line. Upon further reading, it seemed those complaining were people who didn’t pay their credit card bill on time and were hit with fees.

I have had my Red credit card for over a year now and I have had no issues using it. Of course I do pay the bill on time. I use the auto-pay feature which I do for most bills when it’s offered by the company.

I’m enjoying the perks of the five percent discount every time I buy stuff and taking advantage of the free shipping offered to card holders. It also gives you extra time on returning items too. I personally think it’s a great deal. Here’s a link to check out the REDcard.

Fancy Feast Coupons

Also, one other money saving tip – check the cans for fancy feast coupons. A lot of times they have them taped to the top of some of the flavors. I find the coupon is one certain product lines during different times of the year.

Read the offer because the coupons may be generic enough to use on what you’re buying for your cat. The typical one I see is the dollar off 24 cans , but I’m usually buying that many anyhow. I have seen them for lesser amounts too such as 12 cans or even a can.

Fancy Feast Flavors

You can find just about every flavor cat food. There are also several different types of food selections depending if you cat likes soft mushy food, gravy, grilled or whatever else.

Here’s a list of the product lines with my description of each along with some insights. I can’t believe I’ve actually purchased every type on the list.

Purely (previously named Fancy Feast Appetizers)

These come in trays and the portions are smaller than the cans. It looks like people food with pieces of fish. My cats devour these and prefer the fish flavors. Skipjack Tuna is the bomb for them.

Gourmet Wet

  • Classic – Your typical wet, mushy food. It comes in a lot of flavors.
  • Chunky – Similar to classic but with some chunks mixed in. Chunky Chicken is a favorite at my house.
  • Flaked – A bit more chunky. The Fish & Shrimp has pieces of fish and usually at least one whole baby shrimp on top.
  • Grilled – These are chunks that kind of look like strips and can be a bit rubbery looking but my cats like some of the flavors. There is gravy in these too.
  • Sliced – This one has more chunks with gravy. The pieces are larger than the Grilled.
  • Minced – This has minced pieces in a sauce rather than a gravy.
  • Roasted – This one also has kind of small pieces but with less gravy than the Minced.
  • Marinated – There are smaller pieces in gravy. Once in a while, my cats will be into this one, but they usually don’t like it.

Gravy Lovers

This is like the Grilled but with a lot of extra gravy.

Fancy Feast cat food – Gravy Lovers

Delights with Cheddar

Also similar to the grilled but with pieces of cheese it in. At first, my cats loved these, but now it’s a bit hit and miss if they are going to eat it.


I think these are supposed to be healthier. There are pieces of rice and veggies in them. My cats are not fans of these for the most part.

Broths (Classic and Creamy)

These come in packets and are mostly liquid. There isn’t much solid food in it, but what there is appears to be more like people food with whole shrimps, pieces of fish and vegetables.

I think the Creamy looks sort of gross and my cats don’t like those either. My cats usually just drink the Classic broth and leave most of the food.


As it says, these are made specifically for kittens. Kitten food is intended for those up to one years old.

As you can see, there is quite the variety. My cats definitely have their favorites, but that’s not to say your cat will agree with mine. I would say their absolute favorite was the Purely SkipJack Tuna but unfortunately it is now a discontinued Fancy Feast product.

I couldn’t open one without a crowd forming. Even if I try to be quiet to feed just one of them, the rest of the cats have a sixth sense when it comes to this flavor. And as soon as I rip off the cardboard cover they all come running.

For the most part, there are overall favorites. Sometimes they will go through phases and like something for awhile, then all of sudden decide they won’t eat it anymore. You’ll have to try them out to find which ones your cat prefers.