Animal Hearted Cat Shirts

Cat lovers like us are never at a loss when it comes to cat-themed products. Coffee mugs, jewelry, pillows, shower curtain – you name it, there’s probably someone who put a cat on it! What’s the most popular cat item of all? An adorable cat shirt of course. A while back I posted a blog article about cat Christmas sweaters, but you don’t have to wait until Christmas to treat yourself to an adorable cat shirt.

Animal Hearted Donates 25% of Proceeds

I found a great online shop called Animal Hearted that has tons of tees, tanks, and sweatshirts for cat lovers. And best of all, they donate 25% of all proceeds to animal rescues and sanctuaries including cat rescue groups!  I love buying from organizations which support animal charities.


About Animal Hearted

Animal Hearted is a California-based company that has so many cute and fun shirts I had a hard time choosing my favorites! Not only do they have dozens of designs in their cat collection, but they also have an impressive collection of cat breed shirts that many t-shirt companies simply don’t have. We’re not talking about just the usual breeds either. How about a Selkirk Rex or a Khao Manee shirt? Pretty amazing, right?

Shop Animal Hearted for Full Selections

OK, like I said, it was hard, but somehow I managed to narrow down my list of favorite cat designs. All Animal Hearted cat shirts come in men’s and women’s styles, and to make decision-making even harder, you can choose between tees, tanks, and sweatshirts in lots of different colors.

I picked a random shirt image and style for each one below, but if you like the design, go to the page to see full array of options available.

Stop Stressing Meowt

I’m in love with this cute little hand-drawn kitty who just can’t take it anymore…so everybody leave her alone!


Click Here to Buy “Stop Stressing Meowt” Shirt by Animal Hearted

All I Care About is Cats and Like 3 People

This shirt makes me laugh every time I look at it…so funny, and so true!


Click Here to Buy “All I Care About is Cats and Like 3 People” Shirt by Animal Hearted

I Want All the Cats

Love the chubby kitty face on this shirt, and of course, what crazy cat person doesn’t want every cat they meet?


Click Here to Buy “I Want All the Cats” Shirt by Animal Hearted

Black Cats Make Me Happy

I love that this shirt can help raise awareness about adopting a black shelter cat since they have lower adoption rates than other kinds of cats which is totally crazy, right?


Click Here to Buy “Black Cats Make Me Happy” Shirt by Animal Hearted

I Totally Would but I Have Plans with My Cat

This one is so true it’s scary. I seriously would rather stay home with my cats than go out and leave them all by themselves…makes me sad just thinking about it!


Click Here to Buy “I Totally Would but I Have Plans with My Cat” Shirt by Animal Hearted

Animal Charities Supported

These are just a handful of the t-shirts available. Please visit Animal Hearted and check out all the funny shirts available for animal lovers and help them give back. Some of the charities supported by Animal Hearted include:

  • Animal Place
  • Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue
  • The Humane Society
  • North Shore Animal League

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