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Welcome to, the newest source for reviews of all types of products for cats and cat owners. Let’s face it, if you have cats, you are constantly buying them stuff. Sometimes you splurge for the cool cat toys hitting the market, but you always have to buy them the day to day essentials too.

I’m Rachel, and I am the creator of this website. I am a huge animal lover and always have been my entire life. Many of my friends have cats, dogs or both. As a child, we had a family cat, so it was only natural for me to get more cats as an adult. You will see my cats in a lot of the pictures and videos throughout the on the site.

Cat Stuff – Pet Supplies for Outdoor Cats

  • You should consider providing an outdoor cat house if your cat insists on staying outside in bad weather or likes to be out all hours of the night.
  • For those who’s pets want to return to the house, an electronic magnetic cat door is the way to go. Your cat can get safely inside whenever they want to return home.
  • Flea collars are also highly recommended for any outdoor felines. It’s important to protect our pets from fleas and ticks.
  • Be sure you are grooming your cat regularly. Our favorite and recommended cat brush is the Furminator. You’ll be shocked at how much fur this cat brush tool removes with only a few swipes.
Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Bed

I believe in being a responsible pet owner, and I would never get a pet if I weren’t able to give it my time, attention and love along with paying for everything that comes along with them. Since I have a few cats myself, I try out a lot of different products. It may be essential items such various types of litter boxes, cat litter, and cat food or the extras such as cat toys, furniture, and heated cat beds.

Here’s a quick video of my evil child being all cute.

Sometimes I may think my cats will love something, and I’m completely wrong. Instead, the awesome cat toy sits unused while the cats fight over which one gets to sit on top of the box it came in. Putting together anything, whether it’s a chair or something for them like a cat tree is nearly impossible with my cats.

Anyone with a cat will tell you, you can buy them the coolest item, put it together, bring the cat to it and 9 out of 10 times, your cat would rather hang out in the box it came in. So if you’re on a budget, just get them a fresh supply of free boxes, and they will be happy.

As felines get older, other cat health related products may be necessary too such as cat supplements or medications. I will be adding more pet insurance reviews for anyone interested but for now you can check out that cat health insurance page link which goes into detail about getting pet insurance and possible discounts.

I encourage you to find out more about my cats and me so you know will have a better understanding of the reviews on this site and why some cat products may be more favorable or not based on the personalities of the cats using them.

Cat Products Reviews

I originally had the idea to start a website to review cat products. Mine are spoiled rotten and sometimes it’s like walking through a maze to get through a room. They have tons of cat toys, cat nappers, heated cat beds and cat trees. Yes, trees is plural.

Couple all of that with boxes which they take over and become the newest “toy” in the house that all fight over to get in. Sometimes I have to close the door to a room to open packages because one of them is jumping in or on the box the second they see it.

Best cat toys ever

And if the box isn’t open, then they will try to open it by scratching and biting it. I’ve learned not to leave unopened packages out in the open because when I return, there are usually teeth marks and ripped pieces of cardboard they chewed as part of their mission to open it.

Since I’m constantly buying them stuff, I figured why not post about it. Often me and my fellow cat owners end up with the same or very similar stuff based on what we share with each other. I share pictures and info with my family and friends who have cats to let them know what cat stuff goes over well or doesn’t, so I might as well post it for all to see.

The MeowBrand Cat Blog

In addition to reviewing cat products, I also have a cat blog. I try to post to it a couple of times a month with relevant information. It could be seasonal topics such as preparing for winter or just general cat information. My goal is to provide value and interesting articles on topics for cat owners.

If there is a topic you’d like to see covered, feel free to send me an email. I will do my best to get to requests. The best way to contact me is by submitting a note on the Contact Us page. You can catch up on all the posts for each month by scrolling down this page and clicking on each month listed in the Cat Blog section in the sidebar.

Cat Stuff for Cat Owners

Although this wasn’t my original intention for this site, I’ve opted to add a section for cat owners to share items purchase decisions I’ve made due to having cats. I have found many times I choose specific household items based on the fact that this is a cat household. And I’ve found life can be much easier by investing a little more for appliances geared toward pet owners.

Ironically I’m a bit allergic to cats so keeping pet fur and dander to a minimum is a must at my house. For this reason, I have found it quite worthwhile to invest in a good vacuum cleaner for example. Also, I splurged for the Furminator for cats which is by far the best cat brush, deshedder tool ever.

As I find other items geared toward pet owners, whether it be gifts or just fun stuff, I will include that in the For Cat Owners section too. At first, I didn’t think I’d have too much to put there, but I’m finding there is more than I realized. I think a lot of it has become second nature, and I don’t consciously think about it, I just do it now.

Custom Cat Furniture

Pet Meds Online

Cats sometimes need medications either for a condition that pops up or for ongoing issues. You can buy just about any pet med online. Many are over the counter and can be easily ordered from the convenience of home. Since this is a popular topic, we have a whole section dedicated to cat supplements and medications. More info will be added but for now we have covered some of the more in demand ones.

Popular Cat Supplements

Buying Cat Products Online & Discounts

I’m sure many of you lead busy lives and don’t always have time to drive to a store to shop. I have become more of an online shopper over the past several years and find I now buy as much as I can on the internet. I’ve even found deals on Fancy Feast cat food online. I research everything, (well most everything, sometimes I do make spontaneous buys), and look for the best deals. I do this for both myself and stuff I buy my cats.

Tip – Use Rakuten

I used Rakuten all the time to save money. It’s free to join and all you have to do is add the plugin to your browser and a reminder pops up when you visit a site where you can get money back. You can sign up for your account here.

Often I find cool stuff for cats that I would never find at a store. There tend to be more choices online too. Although Amazon can have some great finds, sometimes the more obscure places will have the really unique stuff or better prices.

I’m big into coupon stacking whenever I can do it. Pet products can get expensive. I regularly shop on a few sites and always try to stock up when stuff goes on sale, or I find a coupon code. I will be sure to share any coupon codes for cat products. Be sure to check the section for cat owners because that is where I will share ways I save money.

The goal of is to provide honest reviews of products for cats. Not everything I buy is good, and if it isn’t, I am going to share that with you, so you don’t waste your money. There is no shortage of stuff for cats, and there’s no reason you should buy junk when you can get something better.

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Here a quick video I posted to the MeowBrand Instagram channel. Kizmet regularly does this door knob jumping and cat squeaking routine which is pretty cute. Sometimes she’ll jump several times, but this video is a short one with just one attempt to open the door.

As you can see, MeowBrand has channels on all the popular ones. I’ll be posting pictures, videos, and information so you whichever you use, you’ll be able to get the updates. Be sure to click on the icons in the footer to stay in touch with us.