Cat Beds, Trees & Furniture

Anything that can be considered a bed, whether it be a basket type bed or more of a cushion will be in this section. I’m also going to put furniture in with the beds which include activity trees, cat houses and scratching poles.

Cats spend a lot of their time sleeping and playing. For this reason, you want to give them a nice place to sleep and cool stuff to climb and play on. And cats do love to climb.

Cat Beds

Most cat owners know that cats will sleep just about anywhere. You can put the most ridiculous thing down on the floor, and somehow your cat thinks it is a bed. It can be an empty box, dirty laundry, a case of soda and the next thing you know, your cat has settled down for a nap on it. I once did a “test” to prove this point by putting a single paper towel on the floor and lo and behold, someone curled up on it and took a nap.

Being a good parent, we want to get them a nice cat bed probably for a few reasons depending on the type of cat owner you are. Some may buy a cat bed because we want them to have a place to sleep that is their space. Others do it to deter the cat from sleeping in the people bed.

Heated Cat Beds

Yes, these do exist for pets. I recently bought one and soon after I had four of them because my cats love them especially in the winter. I had some hesitations at first, but you can read my review of them here to get all the details.

Sound asleep in my heated cat bed

Padded Cat Beds

The most common cat beds are the padded cushion types or enclosed ones for them to snuggle into. The price on these can range from really cheap to expensive.

The DIY Cat Bed

You don’t have to buy an expensive cat bed. A simple and inexpensive option it so take a box and put a pillow and or blankets in it. There you go – an instant bed that cat will probably love too. Baskets also work well as homemade cat beds. Quite frankly, you can probably just give them an empty box or basket and your cat will sleep in it, but as people, we don’t really see that as a bed without at least a little bit of cushioning. DIY cat beds are easy and cats love them.

In our DIY cat bed basket stuffed with pillows and fleece blanket

Cat Climbing Tree

Most cat owners I know have one of these, or sometimes more than one. Cats are going to climb, so you might as well give them something you want them climbing on. Now that isn’t to say they still won’t climb the curtains, manage to get on top of the refrigerator or climb onto the fireplace mantel and walk across knocking stuff off, but it may help redirect them if you have a cool cat tree.

Hanging out on our cool cat tree

Modern Cat Furniture

There are some awesome modern cat furniture designs for those who want to keep their cat furniture in check with their people tastes. There are litter boxes hidden away in end tables and unique styled pieces to maintain a certain atmosphere.

You can find pretty much anything you want to match your style. One thing to keep in mind for those who want to sport the refined feline style, you will usually have to pay a bit more for these pieces. If you are willing to spend a little extra you can get some really unique cat furniture for your home.

Cool cat furniture can blend in nicely with your living areas. As I find stuff for those with the urban cat design flair, I will add content on it. Also, since I like to offer value, I will do my best to find some DIY modern cat furniture options for those of you don’t mind doing a bit of work to get the look and saving money