Pet Cam Sale

Want a pet cam? The March Spring 2017 sale is on now, and you can get a discounted price a popular interactive pet camera. The Petcube Play is currently on sale. It is a great interactive pet camera for you to keep an eye on your cats.


Reasons to Buy a Pet Cam

  1. You can see your cat any time of the day no matter where you are.
  2. A pet cam makes for great entertainment for you and them.
  3.  Interactive cams let you talk to you cat and play laser with them.
  4. Makes you feel better knowing you can check in. It is especially beneficial if you have an older cat you worry about, a cat who may be ill or if you want just to see them to brighten your day.
  5. A pet camera is similar to a home monitoring device and lets you see what is or isn’t going on when you’re not home or if you are on another floor of your home.
  6.  Your cat will love to hear your voice when you are not there.
  7. Lets you use the laser toy to play with you cat and exercise them, so they don’t sleep all day.



Petcube Play Sale

Regardless of your reasons, now is the time to get a deal on the Petcube Play camera. Start your Spring off with a new toy for you and your cat. You can get $50 off of the Petcube play camera until March 18, 2017, so be sure to act fast to get this deal.


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