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The Furminator for cats brush is the best deshedding tool I’ve used on my cats. People who don’t own cats may think Spring is the shedding season but for indoor cat owners, we know cats shed all year long. Now granted at times their shedding is worse, but the point I’m trying to make is that cats need to be brushed year round. All cat owners should read out Furminator reviews.


Furminator for Cats

I’ve bought dozens of different cat brushes over the years, and I finally decided to splurge for a Furminator after seeing how great it was supposed to work. I wanted to believe it was that good.

4 Reason To Get a Furminator

1. Removes a Ton of Loose Fur
The Furminator is without a doubt the best brush I’ve ever used on my cats. It takes off hand fulls of fur. When they are prime shedding mode, one brush across their back will remove a lot of excess fur.

I get more loose hair off in less time and fewer strokes. I spend less time brushing with the Furminator than any other brush I’ve used and get way more cat hair.

2. Less Shedding
The Furminator will dramatically reduce the amount of shedding of fur. It will both decrease the pet hair around your house, on furniture and your clothes.

Similar to how people’s hair grows in cycles, cats experience the same type of cycles. With cats, they have a topcoat and an undercoat. It is the undercoat which contributes to most of the cat hair shed around your house. This deshedding tool removes fur which has shed from your cat’s skin which includes both coats.

3. Avoid Mats
The Furminator will also help eliminate matted fur. The undercoat often gets trapped under the topcoat which causes your cat to get tangles and patches of matted fur.

4. Decrease Hairballs
By removing the loose fur, it helps ward off hairballs since there will be less fur to be ingested when they are cleaning themselves. I hate listening to my cat struggling to get up a hairball, and I’m sure it’s probably not pleasant for them.

It Costs More, But It’s Worth It
I admit it’s a bit more pricey for a cat brush, but it works so much better than anything else I’ve ever used. I’m glad I took the chance and bought one. That was years ago, and I still have the same one.

The Furminator is the best pet hair remover

You can see from my photo here; my Furminator looks a little different from the ones you see online now. It still works excellent, and I use it on all my cats. It has a sturdy grip and feels solid in your hands. I have the large size which is a few bucks more than the small. The large isn’t too big for my cats, and I have used it on cats ranging from 5 pounds to 14 pounds.

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It Doesn’t Hurt or Cut Your Cat
Before I got one, I was concerned by the looks of it that it would hurt my cat, be too harsh on their skin or cut them. It doesn’t cut at all but rather draws out the loose hair. Although some cats aren’t fond of being brushing, I’ve found the majority of mine have enjoyed it and like to be brushed with their Furminator.

The amount of fur that comes off is incredible especially when they are shedding more. My cats really like getting brushed so they will line up and try to bump whichever cat is being brushed for their turn. The fur will begin to fly around if I don’t pile it up or hold onto it. Usually, I have to hold it in my other hand because for some reason my cats try to eat it which is counterintuitive.

Why to Brush Your Cat

Brushing your cat should be a regular regime for you. One of the biggest reasons to do so is to prevent hairballs. When cats bath themselves, they swallow the loose hair which can lead to hairballs.

Cats will typically throw up the hairball eventually, but it could take days before they get it all up. Hairballs can make your cat’s appetite decrease, cause constipation and make your cat think it needs to use the litterbox.

Years ago, I had a cat that would constantly get in the litterbox when he was trying to get up a hairball. If your cat is doing the hairball cough, but not getting it up, you may have to give them medications such as Laxatone.

Furminator for cats

Closing Thoughts
Anyone with cats should give the Furminator a try. Even though it costs more than other cat brushes, it makes up for it by how effective it is in removing tons of fur. It has a sturdy rubberized handle and hard plastic so it should endure for years. As far as the cat benefits, it helps keep their coats mat free, healthy and shiny, removes loose hair and most importantly helps avoid or at least decrease hairballs. For those who have read many Furminator reviews, hopefully, this one has convinced you how good this deshedding tool for cats really is.

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