Armarkat Cat Tree

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Cats love to climb. I think you’ll find that most cat homes will have at least one cat tree. We currently have a couple. One is an Armarkat cat tree, and the cats spend a good amount of time in that tree. I think felines seem to prefer tall cat trees that go to the ceiling for playing and the shorter ones for napping.

On top of our Armarkat cat tree

Our Armarakat Cat Tree

I bought this Armarkat tree several years back. At the time, I was on a bit of a budget, and it was a huge cat tree for a reasonable price. I wanted a cat climbing tree to provide my kitties some exercise and a place to hang out.

It was fairly easily to put together. All the pieces screwed together, and I just started from the bottom, and when it was complete, I had a floor to ceiling cat tree which my cats ended up loving.

The other tree I had wasn’t as tall and was more just to sleep on or look out the window and watch birds, squirrels, and basically, anything that moved. This one was more of a cat activity tree because they could climb it from different ways and when it was new, it had a couple of hanging balls from the platforms which they have since ripped off.

Here is a full picture of the tree my cats have which you can buy on Amazon.



  • It’s a tall cat tree and my cats like going all the way to the top
  • Couple cat houses which the cats do sleep in
  • Three platforms plus the two cat enclosures provide five spots for them to choose from, and often multiple cats are on tree at the same time
  • The cat tree has lasted for 6 1/2 years, so it’s sturdy enough, and my cats play on it all the time


  • The fuzzy material is thin, and cat fur is hard to get off of it
  • The light color shows all the cat hair, catnip, litter or whatever else they track up it
  • It’s a bit wobblier than other trees, but they have yet to tip it over

Are Armarkat Cat Trees Worth It

The cat tree definitely serves its purpose. When I first finished constructing it, I was a bit concerned it was more wobbly than my other tree. I thought for sure one of my larger cats would tip it over. So far that hasn’t happened, and the MeowBrand cats are the second generation of cats using it.

I’ve had some 12-14 pound cats climbing that tree, and it hasn’t tipped over. Sometimes it does wobble a bit when they go flying up at, running at top speed from across the room.

It’s certainly nothing fancy and looks like your typical cat tree. I tend to prefer the more modern cat furniture look now. However, my cats love that tree so it will stay until they destroy it. And that doesn’t seem to be anytime soon. The Armarkat tree has withstood the test of time, with many cats over the years including a few larger male cats running up and down it.

Armarkat Tree Models

Depending on your cats, you can select the one you think would suit them. I know my cats like to climb, so the tall one is perfect for them. There are shorter options if you have limited space or if you cat doesn’t like to climb.

One note on this topic, if you cat used to like climbing but is showing hesitancy, you should check out this article on arthritis in cats. There are supplements for joint health that can help your cat and I even review Flexpet which is a popular one for cats and dogs.