PetChatz Review

Most pet parents will tell you they miss their animals when they are away. I’m sure some use their home video surveillance to check up on them. Now they have pet cams made specifically for watching and interacting with your cat or dog when you are away.


PetChatz Review – Pet Cam with it all

The PetChatz pet cam has everything you could ask for in a pet monitor. Besides being a pet cam, it offers a few unique features some of the other pet cameras do not currently have on their devices.


PetChatz Functions

  • 2-way Audio – you can talk to your pet and hear them too
  • 2-way Video – not only do you see your pet, but the video screen lets your pet see you live too
  • Treat Dispenser – reward your pet with treats when you are away
  • Motion & Noise Sensing –
  • Scent Dispenser – releases a calming scent using the PetChatz Scentz pads in your absence to keep you pet relaxed when you are away
  • Record & Share video of your pets

About PetChatz the Company

PetChatz is developed by Anser Innovation which is founded and led by CEO Lisa Lavin. The company is based in the United States in Minnesota. Before founding Anser, she was a veterinary teacher, Fortune 100 executive and wrote textbooks. Anser is a tech company focusing on the development of web-based hardware and software for enhancing remote interactions.

PetChatz Unboxing and How to Install

Setting up the PetChatz requires only a few steps.

  1. Mount the device over an outlet
  2. Connect PetChatz to your home WiFi
  3. Connect to PetChatz either using the app for tablets and smartphones or logging into your account on a computer
  4. Fill up the treat dispenser and if you want, fill the Scentz pads too with your pet’s favorite scent which is even customizable.

PetChatz Treats Only Recommended

Snacks stay in the plastic container within the PetChatz, and you place a hopper over the top of the container, so it remains sealed within the PetChatz device. PetChatz recommends you use their treats only stating other kinds could jam the unit and also void warranty.

The treats are manufactured in Minnesota and are for cats and dogs. The treats dispense only one at a time. They are low calorie, grain-free with no wheat, soy or byproducts. Each refillable PetChats treat cups hold approximately 100 treats. Purchase of the treats is available online.

PetChatz Treats Ingredients

The treats are small moist treats suitable for cats and dogs. They are made with fresh and single source protein. They come in Salmon and Chicken flavors.

The treats have no corn, soy, wheat, grain, artificials flavors or bi-products. They also have no added fat. Treats are made in the USA.

The PetChatz Scentz Pads

The pads can be reused until they become discolored and hard. It is recommended they be changed about once month unless you are a heavy user. Heavy users will know it’s time to change it when it starts to discolor and get hard. The Scentz should be used within approximately two years from when you purchase them and the bottles have expiration dates on the bottom too in case you loose track of time.

Like the treats, PetChatz sells specific pads and fragrances for the unit. They use a specially formulated pure essential oil which is calming for both cats and dogs. If you do choose to use other scents, PetChatz urges you to make the ingredients are safe for your animals.

PetChatz Scentz Ingredients:

  • Simmondsia chinesis (Jojoba) seed oil
  • Origanum majorana (Marjoram)
  • Citrus sinensis (Orange)
  • Lavandula vera (Lavender)
  • Citrus aurantium (Petitgrain)
  • Vetiveria zizanoides (Vetiver)
  • Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile Roman) essential oils

Additional Information about the PetChatz

It has a notification light to let you know when the treat dispenser is getting low.

It does not have night vision so lighting will be dim in the evening if you don’t leave a light on near where your PetChatz is located in your home.

Mounting instructions are for a standard U.S. 2 plug outlet and will completely cover both plug outlets.

It does not have a laser toy.

PetChatz is not designed for outdoor use.

PetChatz Alert

Here is a quick video of PetChatz in action. The pet owner uses the tone alert to get her pet to come to the PetChatz. I know it’s a dog, but I know some cats will also react to it. I at least wanted to include this in my PetChatz review so you can hear what it sounds like in the video.

Listen to the PetChatz pet alert tone in this video