6 Benefits of Owning a Cat

Animals if treated properly and with care have long been the human kind’s best friends. These wonderful creations have been tamed by humans since ancient era, and now you probably will find 3 out of 10 families owning one pet or another.


So, if you are also planning on adopting a cat, then here are six reasons which will strengthen this motive of yours and will encourage you to go forward with this plan.

1. Offers You Much Needed Support and Companionship

People who don’t own a cat or are scared of them often believe them to be dangerous creatures who bite and scratch often. However, speak to a cat owner, and he will tell you how friendly these little kitties are. Cats can be very intuitive and offer affection when they sense you are feeling down.

Cats will help you quickly get over some grief or tension which has been ongoing in your life for quite a long time. They serve as a good social support to humans and the statement of ‘cats being unsocial’ is totally untrue.

2. Less Exercise More Fun

This statement comes with scientific proof that cats are healthier for a human being to own. Compared to dogs you don’t require taking your cat out for frequent walks, and also you wouldn’t be required to run after them as much as you will be doing after dogs.

Cats are much easier to live with, and you can find some fun games to play with them while sitting in your room and you won’t believe the happiness you will feel as they jump from one place to other. According to research carried out people who own cat reduce up to 30 percent. Perhaps it is attributed to the fact that cats cause less anxiety amongst its owner and lower their levels of stress significantly.

3. You Will Be Helping the Environment

For environmentalist looking to get a pet, you may want to get a cat instead of a dog for the following reason. Adopting a cat helps the environment remain clean and secure. Cats have been known to have lower levels of carbon footprints as compared to dogs who emit as much carbon footprints as done by a Land cruiser. Which trust us, is not good for the environment.

4. They Help Prevent Certain Allergies

Yes, it’s true. According to one research conducted in the year 2002, it was found that cats do help newborns become immune to common allergies. Doctors after conducting several tests did find that an infant who is kept within the vicinity of cat does develop immunity to animal allergies while at the same time becoming insusceptible to allergies caused by dust, etc. However, you need to keep your cat clean and groomed at all times and clear any litter boxes so that any microorganism doesn’t cause issues within a child.

5. Can Help You Pick Up a Date

A funny statement though, cats can help you become quite popular with opposite gender, especially if you are a not so good-looking guy searching for dates. While dogs give an impression of the owner being into parties and badass lifestyle, cats on the other hand help portray you as an introvert which girls often find cute. Therefore, if your pickup lines don’t seem to work, it might be a good time to go ahead and get yourself a cat.

6. Helps Save Lives

While most people will find it strange, however, there are plenty of examples where cat have been involved in saving the life of their owners. These little kitties who otherwise appear to be aloof do care about their owners and if the time comes will definitely show their worth to them. Cats have been involved in saving people from a fire while one cat also received the highest award for military animals after it survived a blast on a ship and continued its duty of catching mice.

So, these six reasons we believe are sufficient enough to explain the worth of cats to you. If you have any experiences with your cat, which you would like to share, then please comment the same in the box below.

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