Pet Cam

Investing in a pet cam can both provide you with a fun toy but also one which gives your reassurance of your cat’s safety when you are away from home.


Reasons to Buy a Pet Cam

There a lot of reasons to buy a pet camera. Here are a few of the primary reasons why people typically decide purchase a pet monitor.

Health Reasons to Monitor Sick or Older Pet

A pet camera lets you monitor an older pet or more who isn’t feeling well. No one wants to leave an ill pet at home, and some may get anxious for the time while you are at work. As they get older, you tend to worry more about them when they seem to be having an off day too. A pet cam lets you check in on your pet and give you peace of mind.


Pet parents want to know their animals are safe when they are home alone. You can also check on your house through the camera too, so it doubles as a home video system to some extent. Coverage may be more limited than a home security system, but at least you can see some of your house.


You really just want to spy on your cat and see what the heck they do all day while you’re away. They can’t spend the entire day sleeping, or can they.

Cool Candid Pics & Videos

Catching some elusive candids can be an awesome treat. A pet cam may let you capture photos of your cat doing funny things. And it will brighten you the day when you need a break from work. The Petcube pet monitor even has a subscription option to keep the video for set amounts of time.

Travel & Vacation Time

Even if you have a pet sitter unless they are staying at your house, they are not there all day. It’s likely your cat is spending most of the day alone. And even if you have a temporary live-in cat sitter, you are still going to miss your pet. Now you can connect with an easy app from your smartphone. The Petzi pet camera even has night vision so you can see your cat even if it’s dark.


A pet monitor lets you bond with your cat. Even when you are away, you can be interactive with your pet. Some cams have 2-way video and audio, laser toys and treat dispensers too. With the interactive features, you cat knows you care and will enjoy the attention. The PetChatz pet cam offers the two-way audio and video along with a treat dispenser.