How to Give Your Aging Cats the Care They Deserve

Is there anything more precious than a senior cat? If you have older cats in your home, you know how special that bond can be. You’ve received so much love and adoration from your pets over the years, so make sure they get the best care in concern. So, here are some simple ways you can show your appreciation and love for your senior pets.

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Spot Common Senior Cat Signs and Problems

Cats have an uncanny ability to hide pain and health issues. But recognizing senior cat problems sooner, rather than later, means finding a faster resolution. Some common signs that your aging cats need special senior care include weight changes, more hours spent sleeping, and difficulty doing normal activities, like climbing stairs or jumping around your home.

The last two can be symptoms of arthritis, a common health concern for senior cats, but there are treatments that can help. A warm blanket or water bottle can come in handy for relieving your pets’ discomfort and pain. It’s also a good idea to have a vet examine your pets, in case NSAIDs (non-steroidal inflammatory drugs) or other medications are needed to manage pain symptoms.

Know How to Deal with the Loss of Your Senior Pet

We all want our pets to live forever, so it’s understandable if you have a tough time dealing with the end of your pet’s lives. However, knowing when letting go of your senior pets is the right call is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a pet owner.

Just like any loss, your experience with grief will be different from anyone else’s, but you can work closely with your vet to determine if your pet is ready to move one. You should not be surprised either if the loss of your pets seems harder than you expected.

Losing companion animals can be just as painful as losing human loved ones, so do not feel like you need to minimize your grief. If you just cannot seem to move on, or you need help processing your feelings, then you may want to look into online programs for bereavement to make healing easier.

Keep Your Kitty at a Healthy Senior Weight

If you want to keep your older pets as healthy as possible, you have to find ways to manage their weight. Cats come in different shapes and sizes, but your vet can help you figure out whether your cats are at an ideal body weight or if you need to work on helping them lose a few pounds. Similar to BMI in humans, body condition score (BCS) is a tool used by veterinarians to determine if cats are at a healthy weight.

Senior cats can be a bit heavier due to less activity, so you should use healthy weight management steps  to keep them in top shape. You may want to change their feeding schedule to cut back on their calories, or you may need to swap out a few treats for low-calorie snacks and a little more playtime.

Create a Solid Bond with a New Senior Cat

You may not be looking for senior cat health tips for your current pets. Maybe you have been thinking of adopting an older pet and just need some pointers on how to welcome senior cats into your life. Senior cats can make some of the best pets because they tend to come to you already trained, and they are a perfect fit for less active individuals and families.

Adopted senior cats may need some extra TLC to help them settle into your home, but you can create a loving bond being patient and letting them come to you. Show your senior cats you love them with special treats, fun activities, and plenty of love to help them feel right at home.

Senior cats can be such a joy, so show your older cats the love that they deserve. Pay special attention to their health, take special steps to care for them, and cherish all of the special moments you share together — there’s nothing better!

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