Pet Supplies

There are a lot of other cat-related items you will need for your pets. If you are a new cat owner, we’ll be listing some those essentials here so you can either pick them up now or be on the lookout for a good sale.

Pet Carriers

Cats usually aren’t fond of the pet carrier. They know when it comes out, it means they are going for a ride in the car to the vet. And unlike most dogs, cats usually do not like riding in the car.

Of course, when you buy a brand new one and take it out of the box to set up, they are more than happy to get inside it as you can see from the below photo.

Checking out the new pet carrier

I have had several different types of pet carriers over the years but have come to the prefer the soft-sided ones. I believe it is more gentle for my cat and perhaps a bit less stressful to be inside a warm, comfortable crate than a hard plastic one. I have since switched from plastic ones to only the soft sided ones.

Grooming Tools for Cats

One of our favorite and most essential cat supply items is the Furminator grooming tool. It took awhile for me to give in and buy this, but after watching ad after ad, I decided to spent the money on it. It works wonders to remove loose fur, especially when my cats are shedding more heavily.

Furminator Cat Brush

Furminator for cats

I’ve been using this brush for years and still have the original one I bought. Years ago I had a cat that didn’t like to be brushed, so I had to go fast. With the furminator, I could get a handful of loose hair off with just two or three brushes.

Water and Pet Food Dishes

I know most of us like to buy the cool cat designed bowls. You know the ones with a cat face or paw prints all over them. But this doesn’t have to be an expensive item. To get cheap cat dishes, use your old cereal bowls or go to your local Goodwill and buy some dishes there. Or you can pick out a special one for your kitty.

One note on the water bowl – I suggest either getting one with a rubber bottom to avoid sliding or put it on top of a cloth placemat. Cats are messy with their water bowls. Also, they spill it while drinking, and some even like to bath by dipping their paw it in. I have an absorbent cloth placemat under all my water bowls for this reason.

You can get four packs of these mats relatively cheap and they will be worth it to keep your floor dry. Or you can opt for ones with a pet design but they tend to cost a bit more.

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