Your Guide To Choosing The Best Cat Stroller

As a cat owner, you might already know how pet strollers are one of the greatest inventions out there since transporting your pet from one place to another will not require you to carry it around with your arms anywhere. A quick push of the equipment already saves you from all the body ache!

Cat strollers can be useful when going outdoors, especially if you enjoy bringing it with you on travels and adventures, or when running errands in the supermarket or mall. If your furball is sick or old, making use of the item for bringing it to the pet will be time-saving and painless for your immobilized pet.

cat in a basket

Many pet owners think that putting your animal in a stroller is too much or just an unnecessary trend without realizing the convenience it can offer you and your pet. Unlike pet crates which are basically like prisons to your tabby or leashes and collars that may be ineffective for them, using strollers is a win-win situation.

However, investing in the right one takes a lot of considerations. To illustrate, dog strollers differ from cat strollers in many ways, but mostly in size. Other factors may include the appearance, function, and materials that they are made of.

Before you go ahead and rush to buy a cat stroller, take the following aspects into account:

Size & Environmental Factors

One of the most basic rules in buying a stroller is not getting one that is too narrow. Like cat beds and other furniture, the size should always be enough for your feline to feel comfortable and loose.

Airflow and capacity are also critical to the size of the stroller so you should also take note of the warmth of the interior.

Remember that extra space is never a problem, mainly if your kitty is still growing and gaining pounds.

Wheel Type

The wheels on the cat stroller matter as much as the wheels on your bicycle. After all, the labor-saving transferring of your pet is what you will get out of your money.

Make sure they are solid enough to survive the ground – be it bumpy, muddy or rocky. High-quality wheels keep the walk smooth so that you and your cat can have a peaceful walk in the park.

We prefer the air wheels over rubber-filled ones. Also, for those in the city who rarely experience snow, small wheels are more suitable.

Your Pet

Is your cat too playful? Is it the rebellious type? Or can it be well-behaved when given the right cat toys?
Its attitude will or will not require you to get a stroller with a tough mesh. The mesh cover will be a big advantage for naughty pets that want to escape their carts.

Additionally, make sure these lids are either thin enough to let the air enter and thick enough to avoid irreparable scratches! This issue is another reason why you have to train your cat to have the right behavior.

Also, pooping incidents in the stroller can be a problem, especially now that cat diapers are less available than dog diapers. Teach your kitten how to use the litter box as early as possible.

Another tip you can consider is to put treats and toys in the stroller in order to make the equipment less dreadful for your pet and give a charming and positive connotation of it.

Use and Performance

The materials that comprise the cat stroller should be sturdy enough to last for years, even for your new cats to use. Examine if the covering and framing are sufficiently robust for strolling in the most critical areas.

The handle is also an important part for the walker. Does it have a comfy grip? Is it tall enough to prevent you from getting a back pain?

The design is also one thing you want to consider. There’s no harm in making it look fun and colorful – your feline may even love it. Choose one that best fits your style!

Is it easy to carry around and store in your car’s trunk? A handy stroller is one that is foldable.
Lastly, make sure that the fabric is easy to wash since cats always tend to be messy.

Now that you’re prepared to purchase a stroller for your cat, it’s time for you to decide which one to get. Buying will be exciting because these strollers vary in designs, materials, carrying capacity, and even use! For us, contemporary strollers with air wheels of maximum operation work.