Fancy Feast Appetizers Discontinued

Awhile back Purina changed their Fancy Feast Appetizers line to the new Purely product. All the popular Appetizer flavors such as Skipjack Tuna, Tongal Tuna, and the Seabass one converted to the new Purely food line.

My cats absolutely loved the Appetizers. And they most especially loved the ones mentioned above with Skipjack being the favorite of the mix. Mine do still eat the Purely version, but I’ve read online that many cats didn’t make the switch. The new Purely Fancy Feast didn’t make the cut for them.

Not Fancy Feast, But a Possible Alternative

I have noticed a similar reaction to that of what I got from the Appetizers when I open a packet of Delectables Stew Lickable Treat. They all come running. I can never just feed one or two of my cats.

Possible Fancy Feast Appetizers replacement for finicky cats?

The cats start bumping each other if I don’t put enough bowls down for everyone. Then when one finishes, they go and check the other bowls and bump whoever still has some left in their bowl.

Delectables Stew Lickable Treat

My cats are liking the Chicken & Tuna and the Tuna & Whitefish flavors at the moment. Not to say that won’t change, but these have been their favorites for awhile now. There are some other flavors, and there are also ones formulated specifically for older cats too.

Here is the back of the packets for the two flavors my cats are eating. You can check out the ingredients and composition of them each. I’m not sure if these are the healthiest cat food choices but if your feline is a picky eater, eating something is better than not eating at all.

Cat food ingredients for Tuna & Whitefish

Also, if you buy it, do as the directions say and be sure to push the contents down before you open it. There is a good amount of liquid in them, and it will spill out if you don’t press it towards the bottom before opening it.

Cat food ingredients for Chicken & Tuna

The packets run approximately a dollar a piece where I live. I’m not sure if cost is the same across all areas, but it is available on Amazon. The only thing is that I’ve found to get a good price online, you have to buy at least a 12 pack.

You might want to buy some individual ones at your local store first. That way you can try a couple of different flavors before you purchase the multi-pack to be sure your cat will eat it.

Also, there are other “Delectables” ones, but the kind I’m referring to in this article is Delectables Stew, so make sure you read the label well. I haven’t tried the others, just the ones in the photos on this page.

It’s unfortunate the new Fancy Feast Purely is not cutting it for some cats. I feel sorry for all the cat owners whose cats only ate the Fancy Feast Appetizers. I’ve seen posts and tweets from people whose cats are so picky when it comes to their food that they won’t eat anything else.

I can’t guarantee this will be as good as the Fancy Feast cat food, but it’s worth a try. When I saw how my cats were reacting to it the same way they used to with the Appetizers, I wanted to share that information. My cats aren’t too finicky but there are certain foods they like more than others, and the Delectable Stews are on their short list.

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