About Us

MeowBrand.com is a website focused on all the types of stuff you’d buy for your cat, useful items for cat owners and general cat related topics on our cat blog. Some of the products we discuss are more geared toward the essentials all cat owners need, such as cat food or litter boxes, and other products cats use on a regular basis. I’ve added a section for cat owners as an after thought because I realized that sometimes my purchases are influenced by the fact that I have cats.

The Writer
My name is Rachel, and I have four cats. I work a regular full-time job but have been building websites for close to 10 years now as a hobby. I often see many sites dedicated to dogs and dog owners, but don’t often come across ones geared specifically for cats. Being a cat person, I decided I wanted my next venture to be building this site since I’ve had many cats over the years.

Jasper the cat product tester

Anyone with a pet knows how much money you spend on them. I’m not just talking about the essentials. We all like to spoil them, and if you are anything like me, you buy all kinds of stuff for your cats. So since I’m guilty of spoiling mine rotten, I thought this would be a natural topic for me to build a site about.

Since many of my family and friends also have cats, I plan to have some guest posts from them on this site whenever the there is an opportunity. I may use an interview style for those who don’t want to write an article so I can still get info to you.

My goal is to provide insights on as many different products either I have purchased for my cats, or other cat owners have bought, to make this a wealth of knowledge for you and help you make decisions on the cat products you buy for your pets.

The Testers
I will certainly be providing my opinions on the products on this site, but since these are items for cats which will not only be used by me (and other cat parents) for our cats but also be used by our feline children, I am giving them the title of “product testers”.

Finn looking smart

At times, I will include pictures and maybe if I can time it correctly, videos too. If you have cats, you know the second you try to record them, they tend to stop being cute or doing whatever it is you’re attempting to capture on video.

So in no particular order, here our my product testers.

Jasper is the oldest of the crew. He’s the big brother so to speak. I call him the “fan favorite” because everybody loves him. He really doesn’t like to be held, but does like attention and to be petted, as long as his feet stay on the ground. I still pick him up anyway, but can’t hold him for too long because he fidgets after about 5 seconds.

Finn is the little brother, but he really isn’t all that little. He’s extremely cute and very photogenic but isn’t the brightest cat in the world. Finn still acts like a kitten, even though he clearly isn’t one. He likes to sit on my lap, on his terms of course and purr up a storm. Coincidentally, his lap time often tends to be when I’m trying to use my laptop, surf the internet on my tablet or read a book.

Cricket looking like she’s plotting something

Cricket and Kizmet are the little sisters. Both are on the petite side and come from the same litter as Finn. As you can see, Finn and Cricket look very similar. When they were kittens, it was sometimes hard to tell them apart, but that didn’t last for too long because Finn quickly got much bigger.

Even though Cricket is smaller than the boys, that doesn’t hold her back at all. She will often hunt and pounce on her brothers, then wrestle with them. She is quite scrappy and a huge instigator. Like Finn, she is a cuddler too, when she isn’t acting evil.

Kizmet trying to fit in a shoe

Kizmet is the daredevil, always doing things she shouldn’t be. As a kitten, she used up 3 of her lives. Luckily, she stopped doing ridiculous acts, and she is now the most “chill” of the group. She is very clever and likes to tunnel into small spaces, such as the arm of a coat or the leg of a pair of pants.

As you can probably tell, these four cats seem more than capable of testing out cat products. At times, I may have guest testers = cats of friend and family just to mix it up.

Thanks for checking out who we are and I hope we can provide quality information while also making it entertaining for you too.