Pet Cam Catches Cat Napping on the Job

The cat in the photo below has a very important job. He works in a police horse stable, and he’s there to scare the rodents and pests out. Unfortunately for him, they had a pet cam installed, and he got caught catnapping. I have to say, that’s a pretty brave mouse to get that close to an outdoor cat.


Here is the full video clip of the story about the Troop Cat named Ed.

Pet cams can be fun toys for owners and cats alike. We can check up on out pets when we are away. Some even have the option to keep recordings such as the popular Petcube. It’s a best seller so if you’re in the market for a pet cam, check out the Petcube review, the pet cam that seems to be a top pick for cat and dog parents. I will be adding more pet cams soon to provide you information on the best ones on the market.

Watching the video, you see the fun side of having a pet cam for your home. However, pet cams offer you the ability to check in on older or sick pets too, so you don’t have to worry when you leave them to go to work. There are also pet cams with laser light toys so you can play with your cat too so they get some exercise. Otherwise, you know your cat is probably spending the day sleeping and will be well rested and energized when it’s time for you to go to bed.

With summer winding down, it’s also important to think about your cats who live outside or like to be outside regardless of the season. You always want to be sure your cat has a warm outdoor cat shelter because even though they have fur coats, some regions can get frigid.

Indoor cats like to snuggle up in the winter too. Mine love their heated cats beds. Believe it or not, they even have heated beds for outdoor cat houses too. Just be sure if you buy one for use outdoors that you read the product label to ensure it is made for use outside.

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