Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners

If you are the owner of a pet or pets such as cats, dogs or birds, you probably already know that the largest challenge involves cleaning up the hair that these animals shed. You know you need to find a good vacuum cleaner for pets that can pick up all the fur they leave all over the place.

Guide To Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

The majority of the “standard” vacuum cleaners feature a hose and a brush-roll and only sufficient power to suck up loose dust and dirt. When you need to pick-up pet hair, you need a vacuum cleaner with special tools as well as enough power to pick-up the hair off your carpets and upholstery.


Stiff Bristles And Powerful Motors

One of the better vacuum cleaners for pet hair are the ones with a motorized brush. Make sure you inspect the part and ensure that the bristles are stiff enough. Softer bristles are unable to offer enough agitation to pick-up hair from your furniture or carpets. You also need to ensure that the motor is strong enough to pull out the hair that passes through the motorized brush.

HEPA Filtration

One of the other important considerations in a vacuum cleaner for pet hair would be the HEPA filtration. The filter usually has holes that are smaller that trap finer dirt like allergens.

Bagless Or Bagged

The decision to buy a vacuum cleaner that features a bag will be dependent on how sensitive you are to pollens and dust. The bagged vacuum cleaners are ideal if you want to avoid the mess when you empty the vacuum cleaner.

The Length Of The Hose

The hose on a vacuum cleaner assists in extending the functionality of the vacuum cleaner to areas that reach above the ground. Some of the latest upright vacuum cleaners feature a hose that detaches from the actual frame. The longer hoses allow you to reach into difficult to reach areas in your home.

Vacuum Brands for Pet Owners

Today there are a variety of brands to choose from, that make claims that their products can deal with pet hair. Here are a few brands that actually deliver what they promise when it comes to picking up pet hair.


Bissell is a company that has been in business for more than a century. If you have trust in this brand look out for the “Pet Hair Eraser” series. This range offers a variety of choices from the handhelds to the uprights, and they all work well to suck up pet hair.


A man by the man of James Dyson was the person to invent the first bagless vacuum cleaner. This company has gone onto create the latest trend, with their filter-less vacuum cleaners that have adopted Cinetic Technology.

Dyson is my personal favorite. I have purchased several Dyson products – the latest being the the Cinetic Big Ball. I also have a cordless Dyson for litter box areas that I used on a daily basis, and the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier which is awesome.


This brand offers fantastic options with a range of upright multi-functional and cordless options. The latest series known as “REACT” series include upright vacuums that deep-clean pet debris and hair out of your carpets.

I have had Hoovers in the past, but once I bought my first Dyson, I loved it so much that I haven’t bought another brand since.


This is still one of the favored brands due to its unique “DuoClean” and “Lift Away” features which extend the functionality of the uprights.

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