Cyber Monday Pet Deals

Who’s spending the weekend shopping? I know I am and have been. The deals are outstanding. I look forward to this weekend every year.

Cyber Monday Deals for Your Pets

As you know now is the time of year to get incredible deals for your family, friends and pets. Don’t forget to stock up now on stuff for your cat while you’re also out doing your other shopping.

Cat’s Play Cyber Deals

If you have outdoor cats you want to check out these outdoor shelters for cats at this site. If you’re in the market for one of these, then Cat’s Play definitely has the best outside cat houses. These cat structures are incredible. They’re solid houses and they look nice too.

Cat’s Play has lots of other stuff too such as unique furnitures for cats with lots of choices of cat condos, climbing trees and more. There is a style to suit whatever your decor is in your home. They even have cat art if you want some cool cat prints to hang on the walls.

PetCube Camera Sale

Petcube: Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Get the perfect gift for you and your cat! If you have ever wanted a pet cam, now is the best time to buy one. The Petcube is one of the most popular ones on the market and they are running a holiday sale.

You can check out our review of the the Petcube first so you have the lowdown on how great this product is for your cat.

But be sure to get the Cyber Monday deal by clicking on this link to purchase: $50 Off Petcube Play and original Petcube Camera so you can save fifty bucks.

You and and your cat will love having a pet camera, plus it will give you peace of mind knowing you can easily monitor you cats when you are not home with them.

KitNipBox Cyber Monday Sale

Sign you cat up to get a box of treats! Or send it to a cat you know. There are a variety of options to choose from so you can pick the perfect one whether it’s for a house with just one cats or a few kitties.

A monthly box of fun toys, healthy treats, and other goodies for your cat!

And you don’t have to subscribe for the whole year. There are several subscription options or you can just send one box as a special gift or Christmas present for your cat.


Plus You Are Helping Cats in Need

Not only are you getting your cat a cool gift of a KitNipBox, but by purchasing a subscription to KitNipBox you are helping them support the over 100 animal welfare groups they donate to every month.

A monthly box of healthy treats, unique toys, and other goodies for your cat!

They donate a portion of their sales, along with some of their products, to all types of cat welfare causes, rescue organization and cat shelters. Do good for you cat and for cats waiting for their forever homes.

Pet Care Supplies Cyber MondaySave Upto 80% Off on Cyber Monday Sale

Pet Care Supplies mostly carries products for cats and dogs, and they do have some items for horses. They even carry homeopathic products for anxiety, skin care and urinary incontinence.

They also have a selection of items for ear care and dental health such as pet tooth brushes and products made to clean your cat’s teeth. It’s important to maintain your cat’s dental health because dental cleanings for cats can run several hundreds of dollars.

It seems some cats are more prone to dental issues in my experience but you can help prevent issues if you take steps to care for your cat’s teeth on a regular basis.

The trick is to start brushing their teeth early so you can train them but even if you have to start when your cat is older, it will be worth it.

K&H Heat Cat Beds

So these are sold regularly on Amazon and that is actually where I originally bought mine. With winter just about upon us, this is a must for my cats. They started sleeping in these beds probably a good month ago.

Cats do like to snuggle and this is a nice warm place for them to spend the night or nap during the day. At first I thought heated beds for cats sounded ridiculous but now I’m a huge fan because I see how much my cats use them.

All my beds are the K&H brand. You can check our my review of this product and see pictures of my cats in their heated beds too. They come in a couple of sizes and I do have smaller females cats and larger boys that sleep in the beds.

See  the deals at Entirely Pets

Another pet site running specials is Entirely Pets. They have TONS of pet supplies for your cats and dogs, plus even stuff for other pets such as fish, reptiles, guinea pigs, horses  and birds.

Entirely Pets carries many health products for flea and tick, supplements for your cat, shampoos, food and treats,  interactive toys for cat and kittens, and more. If you cat or dog takes any types of supplements, you should check out this sale. They carry popular ones such as lysine supplements for cats and feline joint health products.

Cyber Monday Sale! Get up to 80% off more than 1000 items + Free Shipping at EntirelyPets with code: cybermonday

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