Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pet owners know how much fur ends up around their house, on the furniture, and on their clothes. So at some point either you current vacuum breaks or you just decide you want a better one to tackle the pet hair and especially if you have an allergy to dander.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

I’ve had several vacuum cleaners over the years. For awhile, I kept breaking them and was constantly bringing it in to be fixed. I was really glad I bought the warranty because once it couldn’t be fixed, they gave me a brand new one. However, once that warranty expired, I decided to invest in a better vacuum cleaner.

Having one cat wasn’t too bad. Once I started having multiple cats at a time, I wanted a vacuum to handle the cat fur and pet dander. For those who have cat allergies, it’s the dander that you’re allergic to so getting a vacuum which can handle that well is important. I did the research and ended up with a Dyson.

At first, I bought the original yellow model. I could tell right from the start it worked so much better than my last one or any one which I had used before. I got it on sale and used a coupon to get a great deal.

I could actually see the rug pile being pulled up. It was very obvious where I vacuumed because the carpet was raised up a bit more than the rest of the room. And I’m not talking the normal way carpeting looks, it was more noticeable. I have since given that old yellow Dyson to my parents, and my dad even mentioned how much better it is than the cannister model he was using, which he swore by, by the way.

Which Dyson Vacuum is Best for Pet Hair

I upgraded the yellow one for one of the models Dyson specifically targets to pet owners. Being a newer version, it did work better and was lighter weight. What they say in the commercials is true about the suction.

But do you need the more expensive pet one? I did get it, and I love it. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’ve used other models, and they all work well. There may be some microscopic dander picking up benefit, and I decided for a bit more, I’d just go for it.

I’ve actually purchased a few “pet owner” Dyson vacuums. One of the first ones I got was the Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright in purple.

The next one I got was the pink fuchsia colored one which is this one, the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright. I didn’t really need a new one, but when this upgrade came out I found a great deal, so I bought it.

One of my friends thinks I have a vacuum hoarding problem because I seem to upgrade on a regular basis, even when my current vacuum cleaner is still in good working order. I guess part of the reason is due to my pet allergies and if I can get a good price, I’m up for trying the next best one.

Best Quick Cleanup – Cordless Dyson Vacuum

I wouldn’t recommend this as your main vacuum cleaner since it runs off a charge but for convenience, I love this product. I have it hanging on the wall and always charging as you can see in this picture.


I use the Dyson cordless on at least a daily basis, often several times per day. Cats tend to track litter and this is a quick and easy way to clean it up without getting out my normal vacuum cleaner.

My cats also like to take mouthfuls of food and transport it across to the room to eat. Not sure why they feel the need to do that, but they always leave crumbs behind. It’s like they are having their own little picnic away from the food bowl.

The cordless vacuum is my go-to to clean up the mess of food pieces once they decide their picnic is over. A couple of swipes and the remnants are all gone.

If you are only going to invest in one Dyson, I’d suggest one of the corded ones. They are definitely more heavy duty. The cordless only lasts approximately 15 minutes or so if you keep the button pushed constantly. Sometimes I do take it to vacuum a full room and it works well, but the battery needs to be recharged around the fifteen minute mark.

Also, the canister is much smaller than the corded vacuums so depending on how much you’re vacuuming up, you may need to empty it before you finish. I typically don’t run into the issue of filling the canister up. For me, I run out of charge. Once the charge is gone, the vacuum will just stop working. So if you’re in the middle of a room, you have to just stop and either come back later to finish, or get out the big vac.