In this section, I will be discussing any feline health products you can purchase online. Before going any further, I do want to remind everyone the information included in the health section is solely based on my experience, that of those I know and what I have researched. I am not a veterinarian, and I have no medical background, so you should always check with a licensed vet before using a product on your cat.

Although some of my cats have been on vet prescribed medication, I have found sometimes these can be purchased cheaper online. If the drug needs a prescription, you’d still have to get that from your vet. However, you may be able to buy it cheaper and in larger quantity.

I have used a couple of online sites in the past. In one instance I was able to purchase an entire bottle rather than pay the steeper price the vet was asking for individual dosages and the savings were significant.

OTC Products

Like people, cat supplements, and some health supplies can be purchased at a regular retail store or a pet shop. There are also products to help anxious cats or those who can get aggressive with other cats.

Dental Care

A common issue I’ve run across is cat dental problems. I’ve had some of my cats teeth cleaned, scraped and unfortunately even pulled for a cat I had years ago. I’ve learned it’s important to try to do what you can to avoid dental treatments at the vet. Feline dental products are available to help keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy.

Pet Insurance

Many of you probably know you can purchase pet insurance for your cat. Some of you may even have the option to sign up for a plan your work offers to employees who have pets. Regardless of whether they do, you can sign up independently.

When I had first realized you could buy health insurance for a pet, I had an older cat and after doing some math came to the conclusion I’d probably be better not getting it since it was based on the cat’s age.

However, looking back I only checked one plan which I don’t recall which one it was and probably could have found one that would have been worth it for me since my cat did end up getting sick.