Cat Groomers – Summer Cut for Cats

Have you ever considered taking your feline to a cat groomer? Believe it or not, many people take their cats to pet grooming places. It’s not just dogs who go to pet salons. I found a site with a lot of great info which I link to throughout this article to help you out if this your first time you’ll be grooming your cat.


Grooming Your Cat

During the summer especially cats with lots of fur or an extremely thick coat sometimes are more prone to mats. Getting your cat groomed by a professional helps to combat matted fur.

Sometimes it can be challenging to brush or cut mats out. You need to be careful not to cut your cat’s skin while also being gentle enough, so you don’t pull their hair out. Cats are not very cooperative when you are tugging and brush at clumps of matted fur.

Finding a Cat Groomer Near You

I have friends who take some of their cats to a local pet groomer to get their summer cuts once the temperatures start to be 80 degrees and above regularly. If you’ve never brought you cat to a pet groomer, you can easily find one by doing a search online.

You’ll be amazed at how many cat groomers nearby that can take your pet for a haircut. You can also check reviews to be sure you select a good cat groomer. You may want to check that the groomers accept felines too. Many will, but there may be some which only service dogs.


Questions & Tips for a Pet Salon or Groomer

  • Do you groom cats?
  • Check reviews from customers
  • Do you offer any packages or discounts?
  • Review their website to see what they offer for cats
  • Compare prices of local cat groomers near you

Cat Shampoo for DIY Grooming at Home

For those who would rather save some money, you can do some of the grooming at home. I wouldn’t suggest shaving their fur unless you have the right cat grooming supplies and know what you’re doing. Cats don’t tend to sit still for this type of activity.

Shampooing a cat may be something you can do at home. There are plenty of cat shampoo options you can purchase and save some money doing that yourself. They even have dry shampoo for cats which is probably easier since cats don’t usually like water.

The most important thing is to be sure you cat is comfortable and well taken care of during the heat of the summer months. For those who prefer brushing your cats rather than shaving them, make sure to take the time to do so on a regular basis. Not only does it remove excess fur, but it also helps keep them clean.

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