Cat Trees & Towers – Labor Day Weekend Sale

I just saw a great sale on cat trees and cat towers for the Labor Day weekend. I wanted to get a quick post out for anyone shopping for a cat tree. I know these can sometimes be pricey.

I subscribe to a bunch of different newsletters, and I happened to see this sale on cat trees. It says it’s only for three days, so you’ll have to be quick to get it. It’s on the site at this link. It’s the same multi-level cat tree in different colors to match your decor.

The site is advertising them as regularly $149.99 with a 70% off sale for three days making them all $44.99

Here are the cat trees on sale:

Cat Tree Tower Dark Blue

This one appears to be the same model, but in a lighter color.

Cat Tree Tower Light

And finally here’s the last one on sale

Cat tree tower in dark brown

The specs are as follows:

• Fabric: 100% Polyester plush faux fur covered platforms.
• Care: Spot clean soiled areas with mild detergent or soap. Blot rinse and air dry.
• Assembled Dimensions: Length = 26″, Width=19″, Height = 49.5″
• Colors: Blue, Brown, White (though the white looks more beige in the photo)

It might be worth checking out this sale if you are in the market for an interactive cat tree. Cat trees provide great exercise and kitties really do love climbing on these things. If anyone buys one, feel free to drop me a note and let me know your thoughts.

I have an Armarkart brand cat tree, and it looks a lot like these trees. As I mentioned in my review, it is a bit wobbly, but my crazy spastic cats have yet to tip it over.

It does seem like an incredible deal on cat trees. There were no reviews, so I’m not sure of the quality, but they do look similar to your standard cat tree. I hoping with the cooler weather coming, I can find you some deals on outdoor cat houses.

Another great item for winter temperatures is the heated cat beds. I’ve noticed mine are starting to get back in them, even though I have them unplugged for the summer. All the ones I have are the K&H brand ones, and you can check out my review of thermo kitty cat bed on the site.

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