12 Interactive Cat Toys – Perfect Christmas Presents for Your Indoor Cats

It’s that time of year and many cat owners not only buy gifts for special people in their life, but also for their pets. Also with the weather getting cooler, even your outdoor cats are probably spending more time inside. It’s normal for most cats to hang out in your house more when the temperatures drop and snow becomes the norm.

interactive cat toys

What it also means is your kitties are being even more lazy than usual. So to keep them a bit more active and entertained, you may want to buy your cat interactive toys to get them moving. Or at least give them something to do other than napping.

List of Interactive Toys for Your Cats

Here are some popular ones you can find quickly and conveniently on Amazon. Most have more pictures and some even have videos so you can see the toy in action. Also you can read what other cat owners have to say about these toys.

OxGord Interactive Training Exercise Cat Kitten Mouse Play Toy with Turbo Scratching Post Pad

It has a scratching pad on top and a moving mouse that goes around the inside. Cats love stuff that moves. I think they instinctual want to catch and kill it.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy

Again we have a moving mouse, but this time under a round piece of fabric. I saw this advertised a year or so ago. My brother got it for his cats and they loved it. If you click on the link, there is a video of a cat playing with it so you can get a better idea of what this interactive toy is.

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit, Original

This toy reminds me of race tracks or the game Mousetrap. There are different options for set up and it has a cool look to entice your cat. Check out the video on the listing to see it in action.

Petstages 317 Tower of Tracks Ball Bat and Chase Toy for Cats

It’s a simple concept, but cats seem to like toys with a ball stuck in the track. I think they believe they will get that ball out eventually if they just keep trying. I like the three levels and bright color.

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

My cats never get tired of chasing a laser toy. This one is a hands free one if you want to set it up and go. Or if you want to play and control the laser, you can get a small hand held laser pointer. I use one of those and try to get them to run through their crinkle tube and up their cat trees.

Petty Love House Cat Activity Center with Hanging Toy Balls, Mice & More – Helps Cats Get Exercise & Stay Active – Best Cat Toys on Amazon

It’s a baby toy for cats! Not sure how much exercise they will get with this one but it should at least encourage some rolling. My cats would probably try to pull the toys off…and they may just succeed knowing them.

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

Okay the activity level on this one may be on the low side, but rather than just giving them treats, you can make them work for them. It will make them use their paws and try to get the cat treats out of the tubes.

Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy – Random Color

I have a hexbug and my cat Finn loves it. He loves it so much so, he will attack it, flip it over so it can’t walk, then pick it up in his mouth and run off with it so he can play with it alone. He doesn’t share very well. The only problem is when he hides it while it is still on and drains the battery.

Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center

Another treat / reward toys. You place treats in one of the 5 different sections for your cat to figure out how to get it out.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

I think this was one of the original versions of the scratcher with the ball in the round track. I have this one and my cat Kizmet likes playing with this toy. After awhile she gets lazy and plops down on the floor and just sticks her paw in the track to move the ball.

SmartCat Peek and Play Toy Box

I think my cats would like this box toy. It is made of wood so the chances of them destroying it would be limited. Cricket and Kizmet like to put small toys in shoes or boxes, then try to dig them out. I’ve found fuzzy toy mice in my sneakers more than once when I’ve left them out.

The Ripple Rug – Cat Activity Play Mat – Made in USA – Fun Interactive Play – Training – Scratching – Thermal Base – Multi Use Habitat Bed Mat

Okay, I just have to say this looks like a messy, oversized rug with holes in it. Personally, I don’t think I’d like this thing in my house but I’m sure my cats would enjoy playing with it. As it is, they like to skid on the runners and then when they get ball up, get underneath them. I’m constantly straightening out the entry way rugs. With that being said, this thing would probably go over well with most cats.

Hopefully this give you some ideas for your cat or for the cat lover in your life. I’ll be posting more info in the coming days with holiday deals. Christmas is the best time of the year to save money on stuff. Retailers run some of the best sales during the holiday shopping season and I will be sure to share any cat product ones here on Meowbrand.com for you all.

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