Summer Products to Keep Your Cat Cool

It’s summertime and depending on where you live, the temperatures may be quite high. Right now is probably the peak for summer heat. When it’s hot out, we turn on the air conditioners in our cars and in our homes. Don’t forget that if you’re sweating it out, your cat is probably hot too. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you keep your cat cool in the summertime.


Air Conditioners On

Just because you get to leave to go to work in a chilly office, doesn’t mean you should let your house boil. You may want to consider leaving the AC on for your cats even when you’re not at home.

A friend of mine has a cat she needs to keep separated from her other cats, and the bedroom she keeps her in was getting warm. She got one of those Arctic Air Space coolers, and that seems to do the trick. One tip – be sure only to use cold water and put some ice cubes in it, so it blows cold air. You can usually find them at Bed Bath & Beyond and use a coupon to get a discount.

Keep Water Bowls Fresh

Make sure you keep the cat bowls filled with fresh cool water. It doesn’t have to be ice cold, but if it’s getting warm, you should change it out with cold tap or filter water. There are automatic cat water foundations also which keep a fresh stream of water going.

Brush Your Cat

Get the extra fur that is shedding off your cat. Cat are susceptible to matted fur, especially during the summer. By brushing your cat on a regular basis, you can keep them in check. Grooming your cat also removes loose hair and keeps their coat shiny and clean.

My tool of choice is the Furminator. It is the best cat brush I’ve used, and I’ve been using it for more years than I can remember. It’s a bit pricier than the grocery store brush, but it’s very sturdy and will last. I still have the same one. And it takes a lot more fur off with each pass. I’ve seen professional groomers use the Furminator on cats.

Self Cooling Mats

For those who really want to spoil their cat, there are self-cooling mats for cats. I’ve never used one, so I can’t attest to them personally. If you want to get one, I’d suggest checking Amazon and finding one that has 4-5 stars and with a lot of reviews. Most seem to be aimed at dog owners, but many come in different sizes and mention small dogs or cats.

Cool Places in the House

For those who have cooler basements, leaving the door open to let your cat go downstairs is another option. Basements tend to be several degrees less than the house. Also allowing cats access to areas that are tiled or wood opposed to carpeted gives them a cooler place to take a nap.

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