What is a Catio

Catio is a combination of the words cat and patio. Catios are another word frequently used Catio comes from combining the words cat and patio. Catios are another word frequently used to describe an outdoor cat enclosure, and they are very beneficial to both cats and cat owners.

Benefits of a Catio

  • Protects your cat from predators
  • Prevents cats from getting lost
  • Avoids cat being injured or hit by a car
  • Protect birds and other local wildlife from your cat
  • Fresh air for indoor cats
  • Gives your cat the ability to spend time outdoors but in a contained, safe space
  • Cat is closer to nature and can better see and hear outdoor sounds such as birds
  • Made escape proof in an outdoor area

Catio for Cats

A catio structure is a great option for cats which used to be outdoor cats or indoor cats that like to sit in windows to get fresh air. Having their own catio combines indoor living with a tA catio structure is an excellent option for cats that used to be outdoor cats or indoor cats that like to sit in windows to get fresh air. Having their own catio combines indoor living with a touch of nature. An outdoor enclosure may also help your feline friend get used to being inside and stick to cat trees and scratching posts instead of wanting to climb real trees and fences.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Outdoor cat enclosures can be designed based on your needs and the space available for your very own catio. Catios can be a free standing structure, sometimes on wheels for easy mobility, attached to the house, or attached to a window.

Catio Features & Catio Designs

Catios usually have wood frames, a waterproof roof, shelves, and wiring for the cat to see out but not escape. There are several options for each of these materials.

Types of Wood Frames

  • Pressure-treated wood such as Southern Pine, Fir, or Spruce
  • Redwood
  • Cedar

Color Options

  • Paint – various options on outdoor paint colors
  • Stain – stains display the wood grain and comes in many shades
  • Clear water repellent sealant – for waterproofing and to help prevent splinters

Types for Roofs

  • Wood roof rafters with shingles
  • Metal roofing (galvanized or rib paneling)
  • Rubber roofing
  • Open roof design with fencing
  • Polycarbonate roof – solid or clear

Types of Fencing

  • Pet screening
  • Galvanized steel fencing
  • Steel critter fencing
  • Vinyl mesh wire

Upgrades & Additional Options

  • Extra cat levels, perches, or shelves
  • Enclosed house within the catio
  • Wood Lattice
  • Full-size door for people to enter
  • Custom cat tunnel
  • Extra large catio sizes for multiple cat households or more vertical space
  • Cat-safe plants
  • Shade cloth
  • Portable catio on wheels for easy mobility

Catio Attached to House

Catios can be built against and attached to your house. The opening to the catio can be a window or a cat door. A catio cat enclosure attached to your home allows your kitty to come and go as they please and access fresh air in a safe space.

Cat house Outdoor Run for Cats-AIR22 (Inner space 13.2ft²)

Window Box Catio Ideas

AA window box catio is attached to your house’s window. Your cat can access the window box from inside your home. Using a window allows your build window catio, which doesn’t include adding separate cat doors but still provides enough space for your cats.

Window box catios also work well if you don’t have a lot of space. Having a window box catio gives your cat more room than just sitting in the window. Depending on the size, it may also accommodate more than one cat.

DIY Cat Enclosure

Buying a premade catio or hiring a catio builder can be expensive, depending on the size and materials of your catio. A less expensive option is to build your very own cat patio or catio.

You can find free catio plans by searching online if you want to build a catio. With a simple search, you will find free plans with instructions and videos explaining how you can build an outdoor catio frame to keep your cats safe.

With a DIY catio plan, your beloved cats get their catio are a more affordable price, and you can build the perfect catio to suit the needs of your furry friends. You can also opt for a portable diy catio building if you have space to move it around.

Items Needed to Build Your Own Catio Plan

  • Pressure-treated wood to build a wooden frame
  • Wire mesh or fencing material
  • Wire cutters
  • Cable ties
  • Screws

Catio Ideas

A cat owner can put many items in a catio to entertain their cats and make their kitty more comfortable on their cat patio.

  • Cat tree
  • Cat bed
  • Litter box
  • Scratching post
  • Cat toys
  • Cat-friendly plants
  • Artificial turf
  • Water bowl

A water bowl is a good option, especially if it is a free standing catio where your cat doesn’t have access to get back into the house without you bringing them in.

Cat food is not suggested since it can attract bugs and other animals.

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Aivituvin Walk-in Style Extra Large Cat Enclosure with Platforms and Resting Room-AIR37