Cat Trees for Indoor Cats

Cats need to play out their natural predatory instincts, get ample sleep and rest, tend to their grooming needs, and engage in meaningful play activities. If you own a pet cat, you want to think of getting them some of the essentials such as catnip toys, a bed, a scratching post, and a tall cat tree to climb on.

Modern Cat Trees

Modern cat trees are very versatile and unique furniture which is designed primarily with felines in mind. An indoor cat tree provides a play area for your cat. There are all kinds of choices to match your decor too. Rather than having your cat climb all over your stuff, get them their own feline furniture.

A cat tree is also known as a cat condo or a cat gym. It is a tall structure designed specifically to allow cats to play, relax on, and exercise. Not only does it serve these needs, but it also provides several other benefits.

Benefits of Cat Trees

Fosters their Innate Predatory Instincts

Cats are natural predators. Big cats in the wild such as leopards, jaguars, and panthers love to stay above ground and not necessarily because they don’t like their feet to get dirty. Anyone with a cat knows dirty feet don’t bother them.

Wild felines like to stay perched high above the ground in trees and large boulders because these give them a much wider perspective of their environment. By doing so, it allows them to recognize instantly the presence of a prey crawling down below.

And since cats in the wild are above ground, their prey will not necessarily be able to see the danger until the cat is ready to pounce. This instinct is still ingrained in your house cat. You can help it stay true to its nature by providing it with a cat tree that will allow your cat to be high above the ground.

Promotes Restful Sleep

Have you noticed your cat dangling its feet and tail while sleeping on a tree branch or even along the top fence? For them, this is the best position to rest and sleep. It also allows cats to be always at the ready in case a prey is nearby.

Studies also show that cats spend more than 60 percent of their time dozing off or just lying lazily. Many cat trees for indoor cats have dog house-like sleeping areas for cats to catch a nap without having to worry about other animals sneaking in. It makes me them feel safe.

Some cat trees have cat rooms located high up in the cat tree more like a bird house perched atop a pole while others are located at the base of the cat tree. Regardless of its location, the lounging or sleeping spot for your cat will help it achieve optimum rest and sleep.

Cats like to snuggle into small spaces. Some cats even preferred to be underneath the furniture or in the corner of the room. Being surrounded makes them feel protected because nothing can sneak up on them without your cat seeing it.

Encourages Active and Versatile Play

Cat trees are designed to allow cats to play. Toys can be hung and dangled over the edges of the highest platform. Some cat trees come with ramps and bridges to allow cats to jump and climb around the poles and platforms of the cat tree.

It can also be connected to other cat furniture to extend the play area for your pet. Studies show that play is a very important activity for both cats and dogs because it is essential for both keeping their muscles healthy and overall general health. It also allows them to feel a lot more well-balanced and more secure.

Depending on the type of cat tree you get, your cat can have a complete play area much like the play fixtures inside a hamster or guinea pig cage. Perhaps, more importantly, is the fact that you will be helping your cat feel a lot better about itself. It’s also entertaining to watch cats scale the tree and jumping around on the levels.

Helps Redirect Inappropriate Scratching

If you get a cat tree, you may not need to buy a separate scratching post in addition to the tree because the posts on the cat tree already serve this purpose. Cat trees can help avoid having your furniture getting scratched and ripped apart if your cat has something else to focus on than your bed or sofa.

Now, understand that scratching is a normal cat behavior. One of the primary reasons a cat scratches stuff is to help sharpen their claws. Sharp claws help cats be more efficient at climbing and fulfilling their natural predator instincts.

You can look at cat trees for indoor cats as the ultimate in cat accommodation. Your cat can already get its exercise and play, sharpen its predatory instincts, redirect its scratching, and allow it to have optimum rest and sleep.

DIY Cat Tree

You don’t have to buy a cat tree. For those of you who are handy enough or who want to give it a go, there are many DIY cat tree options. Here is a video showing how to build your cat a custom tree. As I find other options, I will add them here for those of you who prefer to make a cat tree rather than buying one in the store.