Kittyo Review

There is no shortage of pet cams to choose from on the market. For all you cat owners, this one may be the one for you. To learn more, keep on reading our Kittyo review and see if that rings true.

The Kittyo Background Story

What is unique about the Kittyo pet camera is that it is billed as the first ever cat specific pet cam and cat treat dispenser. Kittyo is created by Lee Miller in 2013 and was initially funded using a Kickstarter campaign. He wanted to create a way to allow people to connect with their cats when they were away from home.


6 Functions of the Kittyo Pet Cam

With Kittyo, you have the ability to:

  • Watch your cat
  • Talk to your cat with the push of a button
  • Play with a laser toy
  • Record your cat and share your videos
  • Give treats to your cat with the built in cat dispenser
  • Alert your cat by activating a sound to get your cat to come to the Kittyo

How to Set Up Kittyo

Setting up the Kittyo takes just two quick steps.

  1. Download the free app which is available on the App Store for iPhones and Google Play Store for Android phones
  2. Connect the app to your home Wi-Fi via inputting your home Wi-Fi password into your user account

Kittyo Review Final Thoughts

Kittyo has a video camera, an audio speaker, a treat dispenser, an eight compartment treat carrousel to put different kinds of treats in it and a laser toy you control to play with your cat. Kittyo has found a way to pack all these features into a slim and sleek design. Kittyo is available at their official site, The unit sells for $249 and can be purchased only on their official site at this time.