Best Cat Kicker Toy – Kitty Kickstix

If you haven’t heard about kitty kickstix and have a cat, you must read this. The kitty kick stick is a huge hit with my cats. The package arrived when I wasn’t home, and it was left out, unattended. My cats sniffed out the catnip toy and began to rip the envelope apart.

Luckily a responsible adult noticed and retrieved it. After all, I wanted to get opening of the toys on video.

Kitty Kickstix = Instant Fan Favorite

My cats started kicking the toy as soon as they got their paws on it. A couple of them even shared a kitty kick stix which was surprising, because they don’t tend to share toys very well.

buy a cat kick stick

Once you give a kitty kick stick to your cat, you will realize how appropriate the name is for this cat toy. Check out these videos of my cats playing with their kick sticks.

Kitty Kick Stix Coupon – Get 15% Off

In addition to the frequent specials I’ve seen on the site, you can use the
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5 More Reasons to Buy Kitty Kick Stix

Donates a Portion of All Sales to Cat Rescue Shelters
I absolutely love that they give back to cats in need. Once I saw this, I knew I’d be getting these for my cats and promoting it to every cat owner I know. When you place your order, you will be given the option to select from a few cat rescues, and Kitty Kick Stix will donate a percentage of your order to the shelter of your choice.

Handmade in the USA & Organic
I always like to support companies that make their products in my home country and those who take extra care in making their products. I’m also a fan of organic products. All kick sticks have 100% organic catnip in them.

Top Quality Materials
I can attest to the quality of these cat toys. The stix are sewn and made well. My cats have been playing with these toys every day, and they can get a bit rough. The kitty kick stix are holding up fantastically under the massive kicking bouts they take from my crew.

Variety of Sizes & Prints
The kick stix come in a few different sizes and come in both sticks and fish shapes. There are various stick lengths and a few fish shapes too. Additionally, there are fabulous fabric options in fun bright colors and patterns.

There is even the “clawtastically” strong fabric choice for cats who are extremely rough on their toys with a no-rip guarantee. And if your kitty does rip it, they’ll reship which says a lot about this company and the quality of the products they sell. Anyone with a cat knows how sharp their claws can get if you get behind on trimming them.

Tons of 5-star Testimonials from Very Happy Cat Parents
Check out all the reviews on the site! I always read reviews because you learn a lot about a product knowing what other buyers have to say about it. On their web site, you’ll see lots of reviews from buyers along with tons of pictures of cats playing with their kitty kick stix toys.

Once I told my friends and relatives about the kitty stix and showed them the pictures and videos I took of my cats, they were sold on this cat kick toy. I know several of them have already bought kitty kick stix for their cats and purchased some as presents for their friend’s cats.