How to Start a Pet Blog

Blogging is one unique way of sharing your passion with others. It is more like informal writing so that other individuals can learn something about the things that you are passionate about. And if you consider yourself a pet lover, then you might want to consider learning the basics of how to start a pet blog.


Starting a pet blog requires two very essential things. First, you need to have a passion for pets. Secondly, you need to stay committed to updating your blog posts on a regular and frequent basis. Remember that the idea of writing a blog is to share something about your life – in this case, your passion for pets – to others in a very public domain. Everyone who is passionate or is interested in pets will be reading your blog.

Choosing a Blog Niche

Now, in starting a pet blog, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the niche you want to write about for you content. For example, what kind of pets are you very enthusiastic about in your life? Do you relate more to felines and are a cat person? Or maybe your dog is your world? How about fishes, birds, and reptiles as well as other more exotic pets like arachnids? The reason this is very crucial is that you want to convey a certain level of credibility or authority in your writing.

Your readers will be interacting with you through the comments they will be posting in each of your blog posts. If they feel that you don’t know what you are talking about, then what is the point of having a blog? So, seek to understand your strengths and weaknesses as you plan out a pet blog. Identifying your niche is one thing. Trying to specify it further, can help you narrow down your focus.

Focus on a Specific Topic

For example, given that you consider yourself a cat-lover, then you have to determine whether you will be writing about everything there is about cats or will you be writing more about certain aspects of cat ownership. You can focus more on cat furniture, cat food, pet cams or even a broader topic such cat health issues and write about symptoms, treatment, and products such as supplements for cat related health problems. Now, if you think you can handle all of these things at once, then go for it. Just make sure that you understand what you are writing.

Blog Set-Up

Once you have a clear conception of what you are going to write about, it is imperative to choose the platform you will use. There are plenty of content management platforms on the internet today. Many are also free.

You can go with WordPress or even Blogger or any other mainstream blogging platform. Many of these have pre-designed templates which you can use to simplify the process of creating a blog. Make sure you have a clear idea on how you can make the blog design work for you.

Come up with a unique name to your blog and don’t forget to make appropriate blog description. The title and description is important in driving traffic to your blog site.

Buying a Domain vs. Using a Free One

Should you have your own domain name? Well, that is up to you. Having a domain name such as is a lot better than having a Having a domain conveys more authority and credibility as a blogger.

Unfortunately, having a domain name means you will have to pay for such services from both a registrar and a hosting provider. If you are planning to monetize your site, then having your very own exclusive domain name for your blog should be worth it as Google will often place greater credibility on top level domain names rather than on secondary ones.

Monetize Your Blog

If you intend on monetizing your blog, then you need to learn more about search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising campaigns. The whole point of this effort is for you to land well ahead of the competition for every keyword that you have identified to be important for your blog. Additionally, however, you can connect your blog to your social media network accounts.

Set Up Social Media Accounts

You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media platforms to market and promote your blog. I have done that with this site and set up accounts on the popular ones such as Twitter, a Facebook fan page, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

Drive Traffic

Try engaging your personal network of friends and slowly introduce them to your blog. By going this route, it is one of the most efficient and easiest ways of driving traffic to your blog. Each of your friends or acquaintances will have their network of friends and colleagues. If you believe in the power of word-of-mouth marketing, then this is its digital version.

Use Pictures and Videos

Everyone likes to look at photos. Using images on your blog will make it more attractive and keep your reader’s attention. People also love watching videos. Try to include videos when you can also. Another benefit of having videos is it will keep your readers on your site longer if they are watching videos about topics they have an interest.

Keep Posting

Whatever you do, don’t stop blogging. You need to keep on refreshing the information you put on your blog so your readers will become loyal followers. Don’t be just content on how to start a pet blog. What is more important is how to sustain it and to grow it.