Modern Cat Furniture

Nowadays there are a lot of choices when it comes to modern cat furniture for your home. Having a cat doesn’t have to be synonymous with rooms full of cat essentials and empty boxes which just don’t match your decor.

Plenty of cat owners are okay with letting their cats rule the house. However if you want to have all the traditional cat furniture but are willing to pay a bit more, since that is typically the case with designer stuff, you can find some really cool cat furniture.

Modern Cat Tree

In addition to the typical furniture, the cat tree has come a long way too. There are many sleek designs to match whatever style you desire. You can find unique cool cat trees that both you and your cat will love.

There are even cat trees that look like real trees. You should definitely consider having some type of climbing cat gym or tree for your kitties. It provides exercise, entertains them and gives your cat a high perch to relax or sleep on.

Pets are treated very much like the family’s youngest children nowadays. They’re served with their own food and cushioned by their own customized bed. Others are even dressed fashionably by their owners. Cats are no exception to this trend.

With a number of cat products and furniture available these days, cat lovers just can’t get enough of pampering their cute and cuddly companions. If you have a superbly adorable cat, how far would you go in spoiling them? Well, there’s a better idea of spoiling your cats without becoming too grand, you can buy then some new modern cat furniture.

The Functionality of Cat Furniture

At first glance, the idea of buying furniture may seem like an extravagance. The mere decision of having pets is already an expense to start with. Hence, there’s no point in depriving your cats with comfort and pleasure just now. Besides, modern styles of cat furniture have evolved to become both fun and useful. Your money will never go to waste.

Modern Cat Trees

Modern cat trees or towers are designed at various levels or heights and with several platforms, the cats can easily land on. There are even those with curvaceous structures, painted in refreshing colors, that are easy on the eyes and challenging to the cats. Because the designs are too chic, cat trees nowadays can pass for a living room stand.

Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

More importantly, these furniture pieces allow your pet cats to unleash their high energy into something less destructive. Let’s face it, cats just love to climb. The higher they climb, the more satiated they become. So, other than breaking window glasses and expensive teacups, why not consider buying cat trees or towers instead?

Cat Litter Box Furniture

Another great modern cat furniture with practical uses are cat litter boxes. With designers getting bolder and more creative, cat litter boxes are styled in a manner where the furniture could be displayed in conspicuous areas of the house. No one other than you and your cat would know there is actually a hidden litter box in that end table.

It’s now common to see litter boxes with sleek wood veneer crafted into compartments and accented with metal braces. The furniture looks like a mini towel closet with rollers, only that its function is to let cats sleep comfortably and eat inside so to avoid mess and clutter.

Cat condominiums that put together cat trees and cat litter boxes into one grand structure are also available. These units differ in size and are even equipped with slides and recliners. So overall, it spares you from incurring minute expenses in buying separate furniture pieces.

Overall, cat furniture saves your time from cleaning your pet’s mess which could possibly be everywhere, knowing cats. Cat furniture also makes efficient use of space with their vertical structures. It further saves you from disastrous glass breaks or upholstery tear since your cats now have furniture and other toys to play with.

Factors to Buying Cat Furniture

Now you ask, how can you choose which one is better than the other furniture? There are factors you can consider which all together help narrow down your selection until you can zero in on a great piece.


First, you should take into account how much money is in your budget to buy furniture for your cat. Whether you’re single or have a family, you may have other expenses that rank higher on your priority list. But again, with the selections of existing modern cat furniture pieces that are priced fairly and reasonably, you should be able to find options which are affordable for your cat.

Cat Personality

Each cat is unique. Cats have different personalities, and you only get to know how quirky or how shy they are once you’ve nurtured them over a period of time.

Other people say that breeds are determinant of personalities. Bengals, for example, are the athletic kind. They are agile and muscular. Thus a wall-mounted cat tree and a cat scratch post would be perfect. Burmese cats, meanwhile, are affectionate and intelligent. So you might consider buying a cat silhouette for a little mind trick and a comfy cat hideaway.

Regardless of breed, you know your cat best. Choose your cat furniture based on what you think best suits your cats. You know how inquisitive and active they are and can use that as indicators when selecting cat furniture for them.


The age of you cats matters also. Kittens are more playful, oozing with energy, than the older ones. Although some cats remain very kitten-like at three, five or even older. So adjust your furniture choice accordingly.

Material Quality

Solid wood is preferred for cat furniture. The material is excellent for cat stunts. You know how much cats like climbing and scratching. There are many options for sleek wood structures for those with a more modern home design too.

Add to that, wood lasts longer after several years of wear and tear, although the aesthetic side of it may deteriorate over time. Compared to plastics or metals, wood is neither slippery nor fragile.

One quick tip is to pay extra attention to the type of cushion or fabric your cat prefers. Some cats like the feel of the carpet while other cats prefer cotton-like surfaces. The fleecy materials, although very soft, tend to wear out faster.

Choose attractive colors as well. Have fun in the process of choosing furniture. Many modern design cat furniture pieces come with options to customize them allowing you to select specific styles and colors. If you can engage your pet in shopping, well, that sounds like a lot more fun and rewarding an experience.