Become a Better Pet Parent to Your Aging Feline (Without Overspending)

While indulging your pet with luxurious gifts isn’t a necessity, it’s something most cat owners are tempted by. And while a limited budget can be a roadblock, there’s no reason you can’t pamper your aging kitty while ensuring they receive top-notch care.

So, here’s how to be the best pet parent possible when your feline is in his or her golden years.

tips to take care of older cats

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Start Saving with Deals on Pet Supplies

There are many basics you need for cat ownership, and those costs don’t decrease as your pet ages. Fortunately, you can save money on the essentials by shopping at Walmart.

According to Rakuten’s Walmart shopping tips, with free two-day delivery on many products plus free in-store pick-up, you can get what you need — when you need it. Plus, other savings are available whether you sign up for a Walmart credit card, check for deals on end-of-aisle displays, and shop in the refurbished section, to name a few

Take Preventative Measures (That Pamper Your Cat)

Although many cats prefer a specific type of food or treat, one cost-effective way to keep them healthy is by skipping food rewards. Some pet owners need to get crafty to convince their cats to take medicine. However, if you can avoid giving your feline food that could impact her health condition, she might stay healthier, longer.

Spoil Your Older Kitten with Comfort Instead

Treats might be tops to most cats, but older kitties often enjoy different types of pampering. For example, a comfortable bed is a moderate investment that can relieve soreness in arthritic joints. A heating pad is another source of comfort for aging felines, especially if they are losing weight due to a medical condition.

Make Life Easier with Household Changes

It can be frustrating when your senior pet starts having accidents or other issues at home. But incontinence might come with your kitty’s diagnosis, and it’s usually not their fault.

Along with regular baths and cleanup, you can make life easier for both you and your pet with a few household changes. For example, unscented baby wipes can offer a helpful solution for quick wipe-downs of both kitties and surfaces. Disposable or washable pee pads in the areas your cat spends his time may also cut down on accidents directly on the floor.

You may also want to invest in an extra cat bed for your cat to use while her bed is being laundered.

Be Thoughtful About Administering Medication

For many older pets, medication is vital for their daily comfort and longevity. Since it’s not always easy to get your cat to open up, Pet Basics recommends using a towel or fleece blanket to wrap him in gently. Then, you can tip your cat’s head up and insert the syringe or dropper of liquid medication into their cheek.

Suspension medications only require you to get your cat’s mouth open, of course. Giving pills is often easier said than done. Fortunately, there’s a handy tool that can make the process faster, if not less traumatic for your feline. A pet “pill popper” can cost as little as five dollars — and you can often find these handy items at Walmart.

Don’t Put Emergency Expenses on Credit Cards

Like many pet owners, you probably wouldn’t hesitate if your cat required lifesaving treatment or surgery. But putting the veterinary bill on a high-interest credit card isn’t a helpful budget move. Instead, consider applying for a Care Credit account.

Care Credit works for both humans and pets, and it allows you to pay for emergency and regular vet visits without piling interest on top of the expenses. In fact, many cardholders wind up paying off the balance before their account incurs any fees.

The joy of companionship with your senior pet likely outweighs the challenges of dealing with the aging process. Still, having a plan in place to address common issues related to their health can ease your mind. It will also help you save money — and be the best pet parent possible.

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