Cat Supplements

Supplements for cats are readily available online in pet stores. Since this is a favorite topic, I wanted to cover some of the more well known feline supplements.


Along with the cat supplement information, I have articles on many common cat health issues. After all, if you are considering supplemental options, to begin with, it is likely because your animal is showing symptoms of some sort. All this information is located in the cat health section of the site.

Disclaimer: I know I’ve written this before, but I want to be sure anyone reading about cat supplements on my site sees this bit of info. I am not a veterinarian, and I have no medical experience. I created this site because I have cats and love them. I would never want to promote a product which could be harmful to your cats.

With that being said, I do my best to research the products I include on this site, especially ones your cat ingests. I do strongly suggest you also do your own due diligence and ideally, speak with your vet, either during your cat’s appointment, calling and talking on the phone or emailing.

Your veterinarian knows your pet’s health situation the best and also is more in touch with which products work best. Additionally, your vet is more likely to be aware of products which used to work, have better options, don’t work or which are no longer recommended for use.

Common Cat Supplements

For healthy skin & coat, anti-inflammatory, overall wellness for joint and heart health.

An amino acid found in the tissue of animals that helps boost your pet’s energy.

Nutritional supplement to help with issues such as digestion, diarrhea, vomiting.

Used to help improve hip and joint health and is also used for arthritis.

Used to treat feline herpes, URI’s, and for immune support.

Glucosamine supplement option for pets made by Flexcin for cat arthritis.