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Outdoor and Indoor Heated Cat Beds

Cats are enamored with warmth. All through their lives, they search for a warm place to sleep or just play. It is little wonder that you will find your cat resting in sunny windows in an effort to soak as much sun rays as possible. In the same light, you will notice that at night your cat will find the warmest part of your house and rest there overnight. So why not get them a heated cat bed.

Benefits of Heated Beds for Cats

It is not just in their nature to seek warmth, they also benefit a great deal from the warmth. For instance, the warmth helps cats fight infections when they occur, it helps in pain management, and it helps mitigate the pain emanating from joint pain, especially in kittens.

With this in mind, it for a healthy and happy cat, cat owners should invest in heated cat beds – either the indoor heated beds, outdoor beds, or both if both are needed. As you might deduce, the indoor heated beds are specifically designed and optimized for indoor environments. On the other hand, the outdoor options are designed for outdoor environment and do differ from the indoor alternatively considerably.

My cats love these beds. You can see pictures of them at the cat bed page and then again on my K&H bed review page. And as you can see from the images, they sometimes share the beds.

Types of Indoor Heated Cat Beds

For instance, the indoor option tends to have great freedom in the design option. The bed may take an enclosure statue or just a pad. The pad option is the best option for kittens and cats that are playful while resting. It gives them room to toss and turn without hitting anything. On the hand, the enclosed sleeping beds are better for cats that are more reclusive and usually sleep in hidden places in the house.

With regards to the outdoor option, more often than not, the heated cat beds will sport the enclosed designed. As you can appreciate, this design is far better at protecting the cats from nature’s elements. As such, cat owners whose cats usually spend the night outdoors can rest assured that aside from being warm, their cats are protected from cold night winds and rain.

Another way in which they differ is the heating mechanisms, whereby the interior. For the most part, indoor options have the luxury to use low-wattage electric heaters or self-heating option. The low-wattage heaters (usually in the range of four watts) in the electrically heated cat beds are incorporate into special plush material for a comfortable sleeping platform. On the other hand, the self-heating beds make use of thermal reflectors and special insulation material that retain the cats’ warmth and thus keep it warm.

Best Outdoor Beds for Warmth

However, for the outdoor cat beds, typically, the self-heating option is usually the best option. It is low maintenance and innately resilient to the elements, unlike the electrically heated option. Since it might be difficult to find a wall connector to power the bed, the electric heaters are not very practical. Additionally, due to the mother nature’s elements such as wind and rain, the electric option might not be very safe for long-term use. Another option is an outdoor cat house which you can totally deck out if you choose to do so. However, there are still electrically heated outdoor cat beds on the market for cat owners who deem this as the best option.

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