Outdoor Cat House

Outdoor Cat Houses

It’s winter, and that means snow and cold and ice. For those with outdoor cats, you know a little bit of bad weather isn’t going to keep them indoors. Even though they will likely come in on those bad days when it’s really cold, your cat will eventually venture back out.


The Outdoor Cat Shelter

For these cats who must get out and just can’t stay in a warm house, there is the option of getting an outside cat house to put in your yard. Your cat gets to be out getting fresh air, and you don’t have to worry as much because you have given him a shelter from the elements.

Your cat will have his own space and basically have its own little outdoor fort. You remember as kids how fun a fort was to hang out in don’t you?

The Grand Prize – A Heated Outdoor Cat House

Now if you really want to spoil your kitty, you can even buy one of those outdoor heated cat houses. We are talking basically a mini house for your cat with heat. And while you’re at, why not toss in a heated cat bed too. Just be sure you get a warming bed that is designed for outdoors. Not all of the heated beds are intended to be used outside.

The outdoor cathouse bungalow

You can opt for expensive outdoor cat houses for multiple cats (or one really spoiled cat) which look aesthetically pleasing, or you can get a house that looks more like a like dog house.

A DIY Outdoor Cat House for Handy People

As you can imagine these outdoor cat houses can cost a bit of money for you. Then if you start adding on other luxuries such as heat or heated beds, you can be shelling out some serious cash for your cat. But he is your baby, and you want him safe and happy. ­čÖé

For those who are a bit handier, there is always the DIY insulated outdoor cat house option. These may not be anywhere near as pretty as the purchased ones, but it can get the job done. There are several videos I’ve found on how to make an outside cat house.

This one is a made of wood, and the final product looks like a little house with a front deck.

How to Make an Outdoor Cat House┬áThat’s Insulated

This is a simple insulated outdoor cat shelter using a plastic tub and foam that helps keep the cat’s heat inside the shelter. It has a cat door, drainage hole, and linoleum floor. Once it’s all together, you’d put the straw in it. The top is easily removable so you can clean it out and change out the straw. Check it out.

Hopefully, these videos have been helpful. Regardless of whether you want a wooden frame that emulates some of the most expensive ones or just an insulated shelter to get the job done.

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