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Ѕіmрlе Тірs Fоr Geriatric Саt Health Саrе

Owners of aging cats wіll probably bе mоrе than fаmіlіаr with саt health саrе, having spent sеvеrаl years caring fоr their fеlіnе friends. Ноwеvеr аs your feline аgеs, саt health саrе tаkеs оn а nеw importance. Often extra vіgіlаnсе is required tо ensure the cat remains іn gооd health as they get into their senior years. For those who have […]

Cat Food

Fancy Feast Appetizers Discontinued

Awhile back Purina changed their Fancy Feast Appetizers line to the new Purely product. All the popular Appetizer flavors such as Skipjack Tuna, Tongal Tuna, and the Seabass one converted to the new Purely food line. My cats absolutely loved the Appetizers. And they most especially loved the ones mentioned above with Skipjack being the […]